Fire & rescue service

also known as: Northumberland fire and rescue service.

Our aim is to reduce deaths & injuries, making Northumberland a safer place to live, work & visit.


Local fire stations

Find the contact details and locations for our 17 fire stations and headquarters. We also have meeting rooms for hire.


Fire safety advice

Our aim is to reduce the risk of a fire occurring. Check our advice and guidance and make sure you understand your responsibilities regarding fire safety legislation.


Recruitment and volunteering

Find out about the opportunities available to work for the Fire and Rescue Service.


Reducing and preventing arson

Help us to reduce and prevent arson, find out what you can do to prevent arson and how to report risks and incidents.



We specialise in training and development courses for a range of organisations.


Children and young people

Find out more about the opportunities young people have to get involved with the Fire and Rescue Service.


Support for victims of a fire or flood

If you have been a victim of fire or flood, have a look at our advice and find out where you can find more support.


Civil emergencies

Find out how we prepare and plan for emergencies and how we help protect communities in the event of an emergency.