Libraries and archives

Find out where your nearest library and archive services are.


Image showing Library news

Library news

Find out the latest library news.

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Image showing Join the library

Join the library

Find out how to join your local library.

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Image showing Find a library

Find a library

Find your local library, their opening times and what regular events take place there.

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Image showing What's on in libraries

What's on in libraries

Find out what's happening in your local library. There are a variety of regular and one off events happening for all ages in our libraries.

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Image showing Library fees and charges

Library fees and charges

Borrowing and reserving books is free. However, there are charges for some services and fines charged for loaned items that are overdue.

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Image showing Library services

Library services

The library service has something for everyone whether you're looking for a new book, want access to the internet or you want to try our home library service.

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Image showing Digital library

Digital library

You can access our library services 24/7 online to search our catalogue and renew and reserve. Our digital Library offers a wide range of useful resources including researching your family tree and finding a new read.

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Image showing Children and young people

Children and young people

Find out about what we have to offer children and young people at our libraries.

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Image showing Family history

Family history

From tips on where to start to information on what resources libraries have to help you in your family history search, you are sure to find everything you need here.

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Image showing Local history

Local history

Find out about the variety of resources available in our libraries to help you learn more about your town or village.

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Image showing Special collections

Special collections

Northumberland Libraries holds a number of special collections - Northern Poetry Library, play scripts and musical scores.

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Image showing Contact the library service

Contact the library service

Find out how to contact Northumberland Libraries. We are always happy to answer enquiries.

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Image showing Culture, arts and heritage

Culture, arts and heritage

Find out how we support culture, arts and heritage across the county.

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