Planning & building

Here you will find information about applying for planning permission and policy, building control services and county conservation.


What is the difference between building control and planning?

They come under different regulations. When you carry out work to a property you may need to apply for planning permission. But you may also need building regulations approval. 

  • Planning assesses the use of land or buildings, the appearance and highway access. Whether development is in line with local and national policies. Also, the impact that the work will have on the general environment or neighbours. 

  • Building Control deals with the technical and construction details of building work. Assessing the health and safety of people in and around the building. It includes energy conservation and access or facilities for disabled people. 

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Building control

We ensure new and altered buildings comply with public health and safety rules.

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Common planning questions

If you have a question about planning this is the best place to start.

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Image showing View and comment on planning applications

View and comment on planning applications

Public Access is our planning register. Use it to view plans, decision notices and site history. Or submit your comments online.

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Apply for planning permission

Find out how to submit a planning application and the cost. Check you have included the correct documents. View our validation checklist.

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Image showing Do I need planning permission?

Do I need planning permission?

Find out whether you need planning permission for your proposal and what to do next. Including guidance on temporary pop-up campsites.

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Image showing Pre-application service

Pre-application service

Pre-application advice can provide guidance on whether planning permission is required, if proposals would be acceptable and flag any potential issues that may arise.

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Trees works and preservation

Check if a tree is protected and find out how to apply for any works to trees or hedges.

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Image showing Planning, monitoring and enforcement

Planning, monitoring and enforcement

Find out more about planning enforcement, how we deal with enforcement cases and how to report a breach of planning control.

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Image showing The planning application process

The planning application process

Find out about the planning application process, View information on planning committees, public meetings and appeals.

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Image showing Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning

Find out about neighbourhood planning and the current and proposed neighbourhood plans. There is also a step-by-step guide and useful links to find out more.

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Image showing Planning policy

Planning policy

Here you can find out about the planning policies that are used to assess planning applications and guide the location of future development in the county.

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Studies, evidence, reports and guidance

This page provides details on a range of studies and background information relevant to informing planning applications and which may also be of value to other organisations and communities.

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Image showing Conservation


Here you will find information about conservation services in Northumberland.

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Image showing Guidance for small scale applications

Guidance for small scale applications

Information, considerations and design advice on small scale development.

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Self and custom housebuilding register

Information for people looking to find serviced plots of land to build their own home.

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Image showing Land & premises

Land & premises

This page provides information on local search, maps and character assessments.

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Image showing Section 106 agreements

Section 106 agreements

Here you will find out about section 106 agreements.

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Northumberland Association of Local Councils logo

Northumberland Association of Local Councils (NALC) Resources

Guidance and presentations created as part of Phase 1 of the NALC Briefing Programme in order to raise Parish and Town Councillors understanding of a range of planning topics.

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