Public Health

Public health looks to improve the health of the population and tackle inequalities.


Welcome from Gill O’Neill

Hi, I am Gill O’Neill, your Director of Public Health in Northumberland. 

Welcome to the Public Health service.  
Public health is about helping people to stay healthy and avoid getting ill, as well as reducing health inequalities to help people live longer, healthier lives. 

In Northumberland we are taking a fresh approach to improving health outcomes in our population and are working hard to reduce avoidable health inequalities. 

Along with key partners we have developed the Inequalities Plan which aims to establish key goals that can be delivered at scale over the coming years to level off and start to reduce the gap in healthy life expectancy.   

By working collaboratively with key stakeholders and our communities, we will be able to help people live long, healthier and happier lives.

Public health also works to achieve the following: 

  • Health protection: The team’s projects include assurance around immunisations and screening, sexual health and contraception, children’s public health and health emergency planning.  
  • Population health: specialist research and intelligence, which includes health needs assessments (HNA), joint strategic needs assessment, health impact assessment (HIA), service reviews, healthcare public health advice and evidence-based briefings.

Public health works closely with national organisations such as NHS England and UK Health Security Agency (Formally known as Public Health England)

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Sexual Health

Information about sexual health and how you can find more information

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Mental health support

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Weight management and support

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Gambling addiction support

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Alcohol and drug support

Information about alcohol and drug support and help.

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Health support, checks and advice

Learn about the support, checks and advice available

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Learn about various jabs such as Flu and COVID.

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Healthwatch Northumberland

Have your say on healthcare

Learn about Healthwatch Northumberland, your independent healthcare champion.

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Improving the health of your employees

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Stop Smoking Support

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Starting Well - Healthy weight programme for children

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Public health reports and campaigns

All of the public health reports and campaigns we support.

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Health Improvement Training Programme

We provide specialist health improvement support and training to local organisations and individuals with the aim of reducing health inequalities and improving the health and wellbeing of those living and working within Northumberland.

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