Self and custom build register

Find out more information of individuals and groups seeking to acquire serviced plots of land to build their own home

Many people choose to build or commission their own home. A self build project gives you flexibility to organise the design and construction of a home that meets your personal specifications. This could involve finding a plot as an individual or a group and working with a variety of specialists to deliver your new home, or doing all the work yourself. Custom build normally involves working with a specialist developer to commission a home that is tailored to your specific requirements.

An online form has been set up for individuals and groups to register interest in building their own home in Northumberland. In order to make an entry on the register, you (and, where applicable, each member of your group) must be:

  • over 18 years of age;
  • a resident of the UK, EEA or Switzerland;
  • interested in acquiring a serviced plot of land in Northumberland (with existing connects to a road and utilities); and
  • Interested in building a home to occupy as your sole or main residence.

Please note that the form is designed to be filled in by an individual. If you wish to make an entry as a household or a group, you should nominate a member of your household or group to act as a lead individual. Click here to register your interest in building your own home in Northumberland.
Another online form has been set up for landowners or their agents to register a plot of land in Northumberland that could be suitable for a self or custom build development.

Some sites are already known to the Council and have already been assessed for their suitability for housing. Before filling in this form, you should check whether your site is already on our housing land database. If your site is already known to us, please make sure that you note down its 4 digit reference number on the relevant part of the form. If you are unable to access the above link, please contact us.

Please also ensure that you have the appropriate permissions from the landowner before putting forward a site for self or custom build development. In order to put forward a site, you will need to provide site details, marketing details and supporting documents (maps, photos, plans etc.) through the online form. It should be noted that registering a plot of land does not grant any form of planning permission(s) on the site.

Click here to register a plot of land suitable for self or custom build development.
​Registering your interest in a self or custom build project will help us to establish where demand exists within the county and will inform our housing evidence base. Registering a plot of land will help us to establish where there is a supply of suitable land to meet demand.

We may contact you to confirm your eligibility or to discuss opportunities for self and custom build projects. However, the personal information you submit will not be shared with anyone outside the council. 

Please note that we are not affiliated with any third party organisations promoting self or custom build services or advice. Making an entry through this form is the only way that we are able to monitor demand and plot availability for self and custom build projects in Northumberland.

If you have any queries, or you require paper copies of these forms, please contact the Planning Policy Team.