Information about accessibility on our site using screen readers and other software, help using a mouse or keyboard.

Here you will find information about accessing Northumberland County Council’s buildings & website.

We are committed to producing accessible and usable online services. We have previously held sessions with residents to check usability.

This site should function in most up-to-date browsers, regardless of platform. The responsive design should be usable for anyone using a modern smart-phone, tablet or computer. 
You can change the way your internet browser displays this site to make things easier to see. This is better controlled within the browser itself.

AbilityNet have created very useful tutorials, which you can find below.

Change text and background colours Magnify your screen Make the mouse pointer easier to see Make your device speak text aloud Make your text larger Change fonts
This website can be translated using Google translate or Intertran. Some languages cannot be translated but we have provided a document explaining how to receive further information in that language.
A large number of Northumberland County Council documents are made available to the public in the portable document format (PDF). PDF files can be viewed using a number of different software products.

Some free alternatives include:
Name Platform
Adobe Reader Windows, MacOSX, Unix/Linux, iOS, Android
Evince Windows, Unix/Linux
Foxit Reader Windows, Unix/Linux
Nitro Reader Windows
Okular Windows, MacOSX, Unix/Linux
Sumatra PDF Windows
We do not endorse or offer warranties as to the suitability or safety of any of the listed products. Care should be taken to ensure the software being installed is appropriate for your needs and malware-free.