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Use Public Access to find planning applications, view them and make comments online.

Public Access is an interactive site where members of the public can search for, view and comment on current applications.

To view Northumberland County Council’s Public Access site click here. 

Public Access Guidance Notes
View a user guide to the public access by clicking the link below.

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When you have found the application you are looking for, you should see a full list of the planning documents associated with it in the ‘associated documents’ tab. Applications submitted before 1 April 2013 are not available to view online in full. If you require application files from a historic decision, requests can be made online by emailing us here. 

To find your nearest area office or to arrange to view applications in person click here.

Please note: we are unable to provide paper copies of applications to view.
Making comments through public access is straightforward. If you are unable to comment on an application via public access, please ensure:
  • The application is still open to consultation. If an application is closed, you cannot comment on it. Search results notify you of closed consultations. Further information can be found in the ‘Important Dates’ sections.
  • You are registered and logged into the system. You must have registered and be logged in to add comments. To do this, please go to the ‘login’ tab at the top of the public access page.
  • If there are any problems with the public access system, we will issue an alert. Click here to visit the council’s alerts page.
Find out how you can comment on an application and what to include below.

  • Click here to use our public access system to comment on applications.
  • Click ‘comment on this application’. This will only appear if the application is open for comments.
  • If you are submitting comments via the online form, please be advised the screen will time-out after a period. If your comments will take some time to complete, it is advisable to draft them out in another application first, before copying and pasting them into the online form.
  • Larger documents can be posted to Central Registry Team, Development Management, Northumberland County Council, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF
Please quote the planning reference number in all correspondence and provide your name and full postal address so we can register your comments.

Please note: comments will not be acknowledged but will be made publicly available. Anonymous comments will not be taken into account.

There are normally periods of 21 days to comment after you have been notified of the application, or after a site/press notice has been issued.

I want my comment removed completely

If you change your mind about the comment you have sent us and want it removing completely, you should contact the planning case officer using the same email address you used to submit your comment. If your comment was in writing, you should send us a written request. This is to stop people asking us to remove your comments without your permission. 

The council can only take land use planning issues into account when it makes a decision on an application. These are known as ‘material considerations’ and will vary depending on the proposal and site circumstances, but may include:
  • The council's planning policies
  • Central government planning guidance
  • The size, appearance, layout and density of the proposed development
  • Daylight, sunlight and overshadowing
  • Overlooking or loss of privacy
  • Means of access, parking, servicing, traffic generation, highway safety
  • Impact on landscape and ecological habitats
  • Effect on listed buildings, conservation areas and archaeology
  • Noise and disturbance
  • Air quality and odours
  • Contamination
  • Flood risk
  • Renewable energy, sustainability of proposed development
  • Crime prevention and community safety
The following are matters which the council cannot take into account:
  • Private property matters such as boundary and access disputes, rights to light, restrictive covenants, capacity of private drains, damage to property during construction
  • Effects on property value
  • Trade competition
  • Loss of view
  • Building Regulations matters such as structural safety and fire prevention and matters covered by other laws such as alcohol or gaming licences
  • The applicant's personal conduct, history or motives
Changes can be made to a planning application during its assessment. If material changes which alter or affect the proposals are made to the application during the process, a period of 14 days is usually given to residents and consultees to provide any further comments on the changes. Minor changes which do not change or alter the development or its impacts will not normally result in additional consultation.
All comments we receive about planning applications will be published online as part of the application process, this means:
  • You must provide your name and address if you would like your comment considered
  • Your name and address will be displayed along with your comment (which we publish without change)
  • We will remove phone numbers, email addresses and signatures before publication
  • Defamatory information will not be taken into consideration or published
Please note: If you have objected to an application and it goes to an appeal, any comments/representations you have made will be passed on to the planning inspector appointed by the secretary of state as part of the appeal process. The planning inspectorate may also make submitted information available online.

To search for a planning appeal click here.
All comments relating to material planning issues will also be considered. Most decisions will be made at officer level, under the council’s delegated powers scheme.

However, some applications will be determined by members at the relevant planning committee due to their controversial nature or consultation response.

To find out more about the determination of applications click here.

If you have made written representations on the application, we will write to you and give you the opportunity to speak at the committee meeting.

To find out more about planning committees click here.
A copy of the planning officer’s report and council’s decision notice is made available on the Public Access system once a decision has been made and issued to the applicants.
You can search the planning portal for weekly and monthly lists of applications validated and determined; this can be done by Parish or by Ward.

If you experience problems with the system, in particular the improved mapping function, you may be able to resolve this by upgrading your internet browser to the latest version or trying a different browser software. The new Public Access application is recommended to be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 and above, Google Chrome or Apple Safari versions 6.1.6/6.2.8/9.0.1.

The system requires a lot of maintenance and can occasionally go offline. If such an event occurs, we will aim to fix this as soon as possible. If we are aware of a temporary problem with public access, we will issue an alert on the council website.

To visit the council’s alerts page click here.

If you are unable to provide comments on an application because of technical issues with the public access, you can email your comments here or send written comments to:

Central Registry Team
Development Management
County Hall
NE61 2EF
If you are experiencing technical difficulties with public access, please email our help desk here and we will try to assist you with any queries you may have.