Throughout the process of developing Energising Blyth we will be seeking the views of residents, businesses and other key stakeholders.

Below you can find information about the consultation events so far.

Blyth contributes gererously to consultation. The feedback received so far has shaped the plans for Energising Blyth. It has also had a wider impact, informing the decisions and workstreams of other stakeholders in the town.  We will continue to listen, and to develop Blyth as we do so. 

December 2020 consultation results

During December we asked for your views on the planned projects for submission to the Government as a part of Blyth Town Deal Town Investment Plan. We asked if you felt that each of the projects supported the vision for the town. Over 200 people responded and we thank you for taking the time to do this.
November business consultation report

Following on from the public survey in October, additional consultation was undertaken specifically with business groups.  The businesses received a presentation and were asked for their feedback on the vision and objectives, and whether the projects proposed meet the needs of the town.

October 2020 consultation survey results

For two weeks during October we asked for your views on the Town Investment Plan, Northern Gateway proposals and Blyth Regeneration Framework.  The survey was aimed at those people who live, work or study in Blyth. We received over 250 responses so a big thank you to everyone who got involved. 

We will use your comments to influence the development of the Town Investment Plan and will consult with you again soon as the plans develop.


The Blyth Town Forum held a second consultation event in February 2020.  This involved a second Showcase in an empty retail unit in Westgate House on Waterloo Road, a schools consultation, a 1-2-1 consultation with 50 town centre businesses, and an online survey.  We asked you about draft plans for the application to the Future High Street Fund, ahead of it’s submission in July 2020. 

Blyth Town Forum Showcase September 2019

Blyth Town Forum held its first showcase in September 2019 in the Market Place. It was an open event and over 2,000 members of the Blyth community attended, including children and those who have lived and worked in Blyth for many years. There were lots of helpful suggestions on the things people would like to see change in the town centre.  

We have used your views to help inform the projects we are taking forward

Your input to consultations so far has been invaluable. We have used your views to help inform our plans to Energise Blyth.

So far you have helped us to develop the successfully funded Future High Street Fund projects, and the projects which have been included in the Town Investment Plan. This has been submitted to government to support the Blyth Town Deal.

We will continue to listen and to use your thoughts to influence the development of Blyth.

In December 2020, the government announced the success of the Blyth FHSF application, which was developed taking your views into consideration.

During 2021 we will be undertaking detailed planning and consultation on each of the four successfully funded projects, with delivery from 2022 onwards.

You’ll have the opportunity to give us your views on the detailed plans as they are developed.

Early views can be sent to

One of the things that you told us you were worried about, was anti-social behaviour in the town centre. Listening to your feedback on safety and wellbeing, considerable work continues in response to this.

  • Northumbria Police, in response to this feedback established and continue work on Project Aurora, targeting crime and anti-social behaviour in the town centre and adjacent residential areas.
  • The Blyth Safety Partnership continues to meet, bringing a multi-agency approach to addressing your concerns.
  • The ‘Heart of Blyth Project’ is now in the design phase, having been successfully funded by the Shaping Places for Healthier Lives Fund.  In this phase we will be looking at innovative ways with the community to empower and strengthen our town centre communities. A final application will be submitted in May 2021 to deliver a substantial three year programme of community empowerment.
In July 2020 Blyth was awarded £750,000 as one of the government’s 101 ‘Town Deal’ towns. The money will be spent this year to boost the fortunes of the town and aid economic recovery. Listening to your feedback, we have worked with Blyth Town Council to expand on their proposed Bowes Street project to deliver phase one of the ‘Northern Gateway Project’.

Using additional funding of £455,000 from Northumberland County Council, the scheme will also include improvements to Church Street and Wanley Street.

Northern Gateway Phase One will ensure that materials, design and connectivity bring the area in line with plans submitted to the Government for the Market Place as a part of the Future High Street Fund application.

The scheme will include widening the footpaths, introducing cycleways, creating parking and introducing a one-way system running from West to East. It will also involve improving the look and feel of the area. Work will start in Spring 2021. 
We will continue to ask for and respond to your input as we do so.


If you have anything further to say please email us at


Or you can post your comments to us at:
Energising Blyth Team
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My Town

To join the debate go to the Government’s ‘MyTown’ campaign page and let us know where you thinkg money should be invested.