Bowes Street, Church Street and Wanley Street Improvements

This project will deliver improvements to Bowes Street, Church Street and Wanley Street with support from the Government’s Accelerated Towns Fund, Northumberland County Council and Blyth Town Council.

This is the first project in the Energising Blyth Regeneration Programme aiming to revitalise the town centre making it a more welcoming and accessible place.

From 10 January 2022, three streets will be affected at this stage of redevelopment: Bowes Street, Church Street and Wanley Street. The project includes new paving, street furniture, wider footpaths, increased on-street parking, improved lighting and better drainage.   

On Bowes Street the road will be upgraded, including improved cycling provision. The work will formalise a one-way system west to east along Bowes Street encouraging safe and sustainable transport in the area.  

  • Resurfaced road and a one-way system – making it safer and more accessible  
  • Improved lighting – replacing the existing streetlights for a welcoming feel  
  • More trees and plants and planters – making the town more inviting and greener  
  • New cycle routes and new footpaths for better access   
  • Increased short stay car parking spaces 
  • Improved drainage 
  • Encouraging easier public access by walking and cycling    
  • Providing better parking provision and direct access for cars by improving vehicle flow and the number of trips made to the area 
  • Improving perceptions of the area and draw visitors into the town centre through a more attractive townscape 
  • Bowes Street, Church Street and Wanley Street will be affected. 
  • Please see the Masterplan for the area.
  • The project is delivered by Northumberland County Council and funded in partnership through the Government's Accelerated Towns Fund, Northumberland County Council, and Blyth Town Council.     
  • The construction of the scheme in 2022 will be delivered by Northumberland County Council Highways Construction Team.
  • This follows work in 2021 on behalf of the council undertaken by utility companies in advance of construction. 
  • Construction begins from 10th January 2022 and is planned over 48 weeks (weather permitting). 
  • The construction work is complex as it involves introducing an entirely new sub structure and new road in the area. 
  • Part of the rationale for the time it will take to deliver it is to maintain access for businesses in the area and ensure pedestrian safety. The work could be delivered more quickly but access would be reduced. 
  • To mitigate the impact on local businesses and residents it will be delivered in three phases, ensuring premises can remain open and accessible 
  • The project also addresses several additional issues in the area including enhanced flood mitigation through better drainage 

The project will be delivered in three phases moving from the East end of Bowes Street moving gradually west across the streets to maintain access.   

  • During each phase, the centre of the street will be constructed first followed by the street area immediately outside premises.  
  • Access to properties will be maintained at all times.  ​ 
  • There will be designated signed pedestrian walkways set out so it will be clear where is safe to walk. 
  • Access for wheelchair users and pushchairs will be maintained by providing temporary ramps and/or kerb hoppers, where required. 
  • Access for those with limited vision will be maintained by carrying out daily checks to ensure pedestrian walkways remain unobstructed. A traffic management operative will be on site during working hours to alleviate any issues that arise. 

The phased delivery of work will be as follows: 

  • Phase 1 – Bowes Street East and Church Street. January 2022 To June 2022. 
  • Phase 2 – Bowes Street Centre and West. July 2022 To October 2022. 
  • Phase 3 – Bowes Street West and Wanley Street. October 2022 To December 2022. 
  • The project will feature new trees and plants and new planters.
  • Following the completion of each construction phase, Northumberland County Council will plant these taking account of seasonal requirements. 
  • See an artists impression of how the green areas will look.
  • A number of existing planters have already been removed to facilitate access to utility providers.  
  • In January 2022 all the remaining existing planters on Bowes Street will be removed.
  • The planter locations will be temporarily tarmacked over in advance of the main works in each area.  
  • See an artists impression of how the green areas will look.
  • Following completion, Bowes Street will become a Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) with parking only permitted in the designated bays.
  • Parking will be short stay, restricted to 30 minutes, between the hours of 9am to 6pm Monday – Sunday (no return within 1 hour). Loading will also be restricted to bays. 
  • There will be 26 marked bays on Bowes Street and Wanley Street including two disabled parking bays, an increase from the 19 parking bays currently provided in the area. No parking will be permitted on Church Street. 
  • The speed limit on Bowes Street, Wanley Street and Church Street will be reduced to 20mph from 30mph.  
  • Church Street will be pedestrian only apart from for access.  

  • One way provision on these streets will also be formalised. 
  • There will be no on street parking available in Phase 1 and 2.
  • However limited parking will be available during phase 3 until work starts in this area.  
  • We have gained permission to close High Street North car park for the duration of the works.
  • We intend on using this area for site/material storage.
  • Advance noticeboards will be provided notifying the closure to the public.  
  • Cyclists will be able to travel in both directions along Bowes Street.  
  • On the main carriageway running West to East and there will also be a marked cycle lane running East to West.  
Here are some artists impressions of how the area will look when the work is finished

01) Masterplan
02) Church Street, looking north
03) Project Delivery Phasing Plan
04) Street Furniture
05) Softworks