Northern Gateway (Phase 1)

Using £750,000 of additional Town Deal funding from MHCLG along with funding from Northumberland County Council and Blyth Town Council, this will deliver improvements to Bowes Street, Church Street and Wanley Street.

The project will expand on work planned with Blyth Town Council to develop Bowes Street and ensure that materials, design and connectivity bring it in line with plans submitted to the Government for the Market Place as a part of the Future High Street application and with the emerging Cultural Strategy for the town.

The scheme will include widening the footpaths, adding cycleways create street parking and introduce a one-way system running from West to East. It will also involve improving the look and feel of Bowes Street, Church Street and Wanley Street.   


Improve the user experience in the town centre encouraging better public access by walking and cycling. It will also provide improved parking provision and direct access for cars by improving vehicle flow and the number of trips made to the area. The perception of the area will be improved and will draw visitors into the town centre more effectively through an enhanced townscape which is more attractive and accessible.  


The first phase of these improvements will commence in March 2021 and be complete by September 2021.
Further phases are proposed in the future, potentially improving other parts of the Northern Gateway area such as Regent Street, subject to further funding.