The council carries out consultations with members of the public and the people’s panel.

This page gives you information on consultation and the reason that public opinion is important to us.

Consultation and communication are vital to the effective and efficient delivery of customer-focused services and support to all communities in line with the council’s vision.

Consultation is carried out in order:
  • to find out what you think
  • to identify your priorities and concerns
  • to meet our statutory obligations
We consult with communities and individuals using methods such as postal, phone and internet surveys, focus groups and workshops. We also utilise the Northumberland People’s Panel up to four times a year.
Results help us to understand what residents, service users and businesses think of the services we provide. They can help us understand our customers’ needs, and therefore are used when planning changes.
Change in charges for the private water supplies sampling

The Public Health Protection Section are planning to increase the sampling charge for Private Water Supplies from £96 plus analysis costs to £100 plus analysis costs from the 16th January 2017.

Public Health Protection are welcoming feedback on this proposal from the public until the 15th January 2017. To give your feedback email or send in your feedback to the following address:

Private Water Consultation
Public Health Protection Unit
Fire & Rescue Service
Northumberland County Council
Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
West Hartford Business Park
NE23 3JP
If you’re a Northumberland resident and have views on council services, you can have your say.

We’re looking for new members to join our people’s panel, a group of residents whose views and opinions help to shape public services.

About the Northumberland people's panel
You can find out what the people's panel is and more in the FAQs below.


The peoples' panel is a group of residents who have registered to be involved in consultation exercises with the council. As a member of the panel, you will be able to tell us your views and what you expect from local public services, such as fire and rescue, highways, accessing services and the council budget.
The views and feedback we receive from members of the people’s panel assist in planning and prioritising our services more effectively, and help to shape decisions made by the council and partner organisations.
Twice a year, panel members receive a survey via email requesting views on life in Northumberland and what they think about council services. Occasionally, members may be asked to take part in other consultations, such as focus groups, workshops, forums and one-off surveys, which are completely voluntary.
So that the panel is broadly representative of Northumberland as a whole, we ensure we have a broad range of people based on age, gender, ethnicity, disability and geographical area. Sometimes it may not be possible to be included if you belong to an over-represented group (e.g. young people).
Members of the panel do not receive payment for participating, but will be reimbursed for any travel expenses if attending focus groups or forums. Each year, if panel members complete at least two surveys, they are entered into a prize draw to win items such as shopping vouchers, iPods or tablets.
The information you give us about yourself is only used for research and consultation purposes. The reports and results we create do not give out details about individual panel members, nor do we pass or sell on details to third parties.
We will give regular feedback on what we have found out, and action taken as a result, through newsletters and the council's website.
Every three years we refresh the panel, to give current members the opportunity to opt out and so that all residents have the opportunity to get involved.  If you would like to join the people’s panel, click on the box below to register your details

Register for the people’s panel
Northumberland County Council has conducted between two and three people’s panel surveys a year.

These surveys allow the council to gain valuable information on services and the economy and lifestyles of Northumberland residents. These results are then used to inform policy and service delivery within Northumberland.
In 2013, a survey was commissioned to gain residents’ opinions relating to their lifestyles and perceptions of Northumberland's economy. 
In  2013, a survey was commissioned to gain residents’ thoughts and experiences of access to services within Northumberland and to support the development of a superfast broadband bid to central government. 
Our Young People in Northumberland (YPiN) group aims to be the voice for the youth of the county.

Youth groups who are looking to make a difference in the county can consult with YPiN on a variety of issues and our role is to be the voice to help influence change. All organisations and policy makers must agree to the consultation process before any action can be taken. We always strive to represent all young people in Northumberland. If you have formed a social action group or are a youth group from Northumberland, please contact us to discuss how we can help make the changes you want to see.
Below are some of the groups we work with in Northumberland:
  • Splinter group are a group of young people with learning difficulties who support each other with regular meetings and contact.
  • Looked-after children/Voices Making Choices is a participation group helping young people speak out.
  • The youth service provide a wide range of exciting opportunities for young people.
  • Hexham Youth Initiative is a youth project providing activities and opportunities to young people in Hexham.
  • The youth cabinet is a group of young people, elected by young people, to be involved in the decision-making process across Northumberland.
  • WOWI is a social and support group for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) youths based in Northumberland.
  • The UK Youth Parliament is another elected group of young people who voice the young people of Northumberland’s opinions on a national level.
  • The youth offending service works with young people to stop offending and prevent re-offending.
  • The teenage pregnancy team has been accessed by some of our members through awareness-raising sessions.
  • Positive Futures is supporting young people to involve themselves in a variety of new and exciting experiences.
Please view the documents below for information on school admissions arrangements. Please note that there may be updates to the attached information to take into account any changes within School Partnerships.

Consultation on proposed Admission Arrangements for community and voluntary schools 2019-2020

Consultation on proposed Admission Arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools 2019-2020

All schools must have admission arrangements that set out clearly how children will be admitted to schools, including sixth forms.  Admission arrangements must include the criteria that will be applied if there are more applications for a school than there are places available.  Northumberland County Council is the admission authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools in Northumberland.

Why are we consulting?
The Admissions Code 2014 requires admission authorities to consult on their admission arrangements once every seven years even if there are no changes proposed.  This consultation will apply to the admission arrangements for entry into schools, including sixth forms, in September 2019.
Further information can be found on the DfE webpage, please refer to the School Admissions Code at:
We would like to hear your views on the following:

  • Proposed Admission Arrangements, including proposed over subscription criteria and proposed admission numbers, for First and Primary Community and Voluntary Controlled schools 2019/20
  • Proposed Admission Arrangements, including proposed over subscription criteria and proposed admission numbers, for Community and Voluntary Controlled Middle, High, Secondary schools and Sixth Forms 2019/20
  • Proposed co-ordinated admission scheme for maintained schools and academies 2019/20 (this details the arrangements in place for all admission authorities in the area to enable places to be offered by the local authority at any school in its area and in other local authority areas). 

If you have any comments please email these to Jane Jack, School Place Planning and Admissions Manager:
Or write to: 
Northumberland County Council
Wellbeing and Community Health Service 
School Organisation and Planning
School Admissions
County Hall 
NE61 2EF 
A six week consultation is now open and runs from 16 October 2017 to 26 November 2017
Following the outcomes of consultation, the admission arrangements for 2019/20 for community and voluntary schools will be finalised by the Council in February 2018.

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