This page provides information on elections and referendums held in Northumberland.

Vacancy for County Councillor for Northumberland County Council


Town Council By Election results for Berwick Town Council and Blyth Town Council held on Thursday 9th January 2020

Result for Berwick Town Council by Election (Grove)

Meg Brown - Labour Party -  61
Christine Winifred Bruce - Conservative party - 66 (Elected)

Turnout 10%

View Declaration of result 

Result for Blyth Town Council ( Cowpen)

Aileen Barras - Labour - 231
Adam Christopher Parsons - Conservative -388 (Elected)

Turnout 18%

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Information about the General Election being held on December 12, 2019.

2019 General Election Results

Information last updated at 03:51 on 13 Dec 2019

Election Result - Blyth Valley Parliamentary Constituency

Thom Chapman - LIB DEM 2,151
Susan Elizabeth Dungworth - LAB/CO-OP 16,728
Dawn Furness - GREEN 1,146
Ian Levy - CON 17,440
Mark Peart - BREXIT PARTY 3,394
Ian Levy elected MP for the Blyth Valley Parliamentary Constituency.


Election Result - Wansbeck Parliamentary Constituency

Michael Flynn - CPA 178
Jack Alexader Gebhard - CON 16,310
Ian Lavery - LAB 17,124
Steve Leyland - GREEN 1,217
Stephen Anthony Psallidas - LIB DEM 2,539
Eden Webley - BREXIT PARTY 3,141
  Ian Lavery elected MP for the Wansbeck Constituency


Election Result - Hexham Constituency

Penny Grennan - LAB 14,603
Stephen Howse - LIB DEM 4,672
Nick Morphet - GREEN 1,723
Guy Thomas Opperman - CON 25,152
  Guy Thomas Opperman elected MP for Hexham Constituency


Election Result - Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency

Tom Hancock - LIB DEM 7,656
Thomas Leslie Stewart - GREEN 1,394
Anne-Marie Belinda Trevelyan - CON 23,947
Trish Williams - LAB 9,112
  Anne-Marie Belinda Trevelyan elected MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency

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Notice of Election

Polling stations

People nominated Agents and offices Click here to find out more about registering to vote, postal and proxy voting
What time are polling stations open?
All our polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on December 12th

How many stations are there?
We have 222 across the county

Where are the polling stations?
you can view the full list of Polling station here

What if I've lost my polling card?
Don't worry.  As long as you're registered you can still vote by simply turning up at your polling station between 7am and 10pm.  

I've lost my postal vote!
There's still time to sort it out but you need to contact our elections team ASAP on (01670) 624811 during office hours.

Do I need to take ID with me?

Can I drop my postal vote off at my local polling station?
Yes. You can take your postal vote to a  polling station in the constituency in which you live, on the day of the election, right up until the time when polling closes at 10pm  
I've been issued a postal vote but instead I want to go and vote in person. Can I?
No. If you have been issued a postal vote, you cannot vote in person at a polling station.

How do I know who my candidates are?
You can view a list of candates for each area here 

People nominated When are the votes counted?
Counting of the votes will take place straight after the polling stations close at 10pm. The counts for Blyth Valley, Wansbeck, Hexham and Berwick upon Tweed will all take place at Blyth Sports Centre.

Where can I find results?
The results will be published on our "Elections" page as soon as possible once a declaration is made. You can also follow our social media channels (@NorthumberlandCC for Facebook and @N_LandCouncil for Twitter)
There has been some recent polling station changes, which everyone who lives in the relevant wards have received a letter about. Some are permanent changes, others are just for the forthcoming General Election on December 12th.

Cramlington Doxford Methodist Church now votes at St Paul's Roman Catholic Church (Permanent)

Cramlington Eastlea Pavillion now votes at The Church of the Nazarene (Permanent)

Bedlington Station Working Mens Club now votes at East Bedlington Community Centre (Permanent)

Ashington High School now votes at Ashington Life Centre (Permanent)

Warkworth War Memorial Hall votes at Warkworth United Reformed Church (For the Parliamentary Election only)

Wylam Methodist Church votes at Wylam St Oswin's Church Hall (For the Parliamentary Election only)
Here you will find details of the elections held in previous years.

A BID ballot was held on 9 April 2018

Declaration of Result



A BID ballot was held on 29 November 2018

Declaration of result
South East

Member of Parliament Elected : Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency - Anne-Marie Belinda Trevelyan - The Conservative Party Candidate

The number of votes recorded for each candidate at the election for the constituency of Berwick-Upon-Tweed is as follows:

Scott James Dickinson (Labour Party) 10,364
Julie Pörksen (Liberal Democrat) 8,916
Thomas Leslie Stewart (Green Party) 787
Anne -Marie Belinda Trevelyan ( The Consevative Party Candaidate) 22,145

Declaration of results for Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency

Member of Parliament Elected : Blyth Valley Constituency - Ronnie Campbell - Labour Party

The number of votes recorded for each candidate at the election for the constituency of Blyth Valley is as follows:

Ronnie Campbell (Labour Party) 23,770
Dawn Furness (Green Party) 918
Ian Levy (The Conservative Party Candidate) 15,855
Jeff Reid (Liberal Democrats) 1,947

Declaration of results for Blyth Valley constituency

Member of Parliament Elected : Hexham Constituency - Guy Opperman -The Conservative Party Candidate

The number of votes recorded for each candidate at the election for the constituency of Hexham is as follows:

Wesley James Foot (The Green Party) 1,253
Fiona Jane Hall (Liberal Democrats) 3,285
Francis Stuart Miles (UK Independence Party (UKIP)) 930
Guy Thomas Opperman (The Conservative Party Candidate) 24,996
Stephen Alan Powers (Labour and Co-Operative Party) 15,760

Declaration of results for Hexham constituency

Member of Parliament Elected : Wansbeck Constituency - Ian Lavery - Labour Party

The number of votes recorded for each candidate at the election for the constituency of 
Wansbeck is as follows:

Chris Galley (The Conservative Party Candidate) 13,903
Melanie Hurst (UK Independence Party (UKIP)) 1,483
Ian Lavery (Labour Party) 24,338
Steven John Leyland (The Green Party) 715
Joan Carol Tebbutt (Liberal Democrats) 2,015

Declaration of results for Wansbeck constituency



To view a complete and detailed list of results for the Town and Parish council elections on Thursday 4 May 2017, please click on the link below: .