Keeping warm this winter

Warm spaces and places near you, where you'll get a warm welcome this winter.

If you want to come and say hello face to face, we’ve got a network of community spaces that you can visit this winter.

What is a Northumberland Warm Space?

Warm Spaces are places where people can come together in a warm, safe, welcoming place and maybe enjoy a hot drink, a sit down and have a chat with others.

Voluntary groups, community organisations and others from our communities have come together to establish a network of warm spaces this winter. This includes, but is not limited to, community centres, church halls, libraries and community hubs. They are free to visit and we promise a warm welcome when you arrive.

Some places may offer a hot drink, activities and other things like free access computers and Wi-Fi.  You can come and spend time quietly or meet other people in your community for a chat.  Each warm space is different and may not be open every day. But we're working together with all our community partners to try and offer as many warm spaces as we can.

This interactive map will show you where you can find a warm space near you. Click on the map and then visit the dot/s which represent the warm spaces in your area. You will see the name and location of the warm space. If there is a link to the Frontline app this will take you to more detail about the warm space. Please note not all spaces will be open every day and are subject to change.

Find your nearest Warm Space

Here is a directory of all the warm spaces where you'll be greeted with a warm welcome this winter.

View an excel list of warm spaces (15 March 2023)
View a PDF list of warm spaces (15 March 2023)

This map will be continually updated. We're working with Frontline (an online directory of health and wellbeing support in Northumberland) to provide details about opening days and times.

if you want to join the Warm Spaces community, please complete the form in the Becoming a Warm Space section below.

Becoming a Warm Space

If you are an organisation offering a warm space in your community already and you'd like to join the network, please get in touch.  All our partners agree to a warm welcome promise.

Please tell us about your facilities and services so we can add you to the directory.  It should only take a few minutes to complete the form.

Register your venue by completing this online form

I've heard of Warm Hubs are these different to Warm Spaces?

Yes, they are different to Warm Spaces. Community Action Northumberland (CAN) has a long standing, award-winning 'Warm Hubs' project which has been highlighted as good practice by Ofgem and the Prince's Countryside Fund. They provide a network of warm, energy-efficient community venues acting as focal points for energy support and advice and a small network of volunteer Energy Agents. There are 24 Warm Hubs across Northumberland many of which already have a full programme - click here if you are interested in learning more about the Warm Hubs project.



See inside some of the Warm Spaces in Northumberland and meet some of the friendly faces who will greet you.

A warm welcome at The Hub at Cramlington

A warm welcome at the Project Space warm space in Blyth

A warm welcome at Blyth Library warm space