It’s polling day for local elections - don’t forget to use your vote

Polling stations across the county are open today Thursday (4 May) between 7am - 10 pm  for the county, town and parish council elections.


The elections give voters the opportunity to elect their local council representatives for the next four years and it is really important that those residents who are able to vote, do so.


Over recent weeks, polling cards have been sent to residents through the post informing them  of their elector number and their local polling station. While it is helpful if the card is brought along when residents vote, it is not essential, so if you’ve mislaid it, you can still vote, as long as you are registered and eligible.


There are 228 polling stations open in community venues across Northumberland. If you are unsure where your local polling station is you can log on to the Northumberland County Council website and type your home postcode into the My Place box on the top right of the home page. This will bring up details of your nearest polling station.


County Councillors are there to represent the views and opinions of individuals and are a voice and a leader for their local community. They decide how the county council should carry out its various functions and how multi million pound budgets are spent.


Town and Parish Councillors deliver a range of services at a community level. Their role is to represent your local community, provide services to meet local needs and improve the  quality of local life.

Will Booth, elections manager at Northumberland County Council said: “ Voting in the local  elections is one of the most effective ways of making sure your voice is heard by decision-makers within your community. Your vote can really make a difference.”
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