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Northumberland Public Health Leads Welcome New Tobacco Bill

Public Health leads at Northumberland County Council have welcomed the first step in Parliament to raise the age of sale for tobacco in England, making smoking history for the next generation. 

The Tobacco and Vapes Bill, which on Wednesday March 20 was laid before the House of Commons, raises the age of sale for all tobacco products one year every year from 2027 onwards. This means that tobacco can never be legally sold to anyone aged 15 or younger this year.   

Gill O’Neill, Northumberland Executive Director of Public Health, said: “I am delighted to see that the new legislation means anyone born after 1st January 2009 will never legally be allowed to be sold cigarettes in England.    

“The new Bill would also see new fixed penalty fines of £100 for selling cigarettes or vapes to children. Preventing children from ever taking up smoking will give them the best possible start in life and help us work towards a smokefree generation.”  

Cllr Wendy Pattison, chair of the Northumberland Tobacco Control Partnership, said:   "Smoking is the biggest cause of ill health, disability and death in the country, so we need to do all we can to prevent our children from ever starting the habit and I am delighted that this new Bill is a fantastic opportunity to do just that.  

“I would also like to remind smokers in Northumberland that there is lots of free support available and I would encourage anyone who wants to quit smoking, to ask for help”  

The new Bill also sees plans to ban disposable vapes, restrict vape flavours, introduce plain packaging for vapes and change how vapes are displayed in shops so that they don’t appeal to children.  

Nicotine vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking. It’s also one of the most effective tools for quitting smoking. However, vaping is not recommended for non-smokers and children.   

A variety of free support is available in Northumberland to stop smoking. Find out more at or call 01670 813135.  
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