Image demonstrating Please be #WildfireAware

Please be #WildfireAware

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service deal frequently with rural fires but with conditions as they have been these often small incidents have the potential to become much bigger wildfires. 

Often such incidents can be prevented and with the weather as it has been we expected many more people will be enjoying the outdoors and their behaviour could inadvertently lead more of these fires. 
  • Carelessness often causes these fires, make sure you are #WildfireAware
  • Don't discard cigarettes or matches whilst walking or driving through the countryside.
  • Don't have BBQs in unauthorised areas and make sure it is cold before it is disposed of correctly
  • Don't start campfires in the countryside
  • Don't discard rubbish - litter such as reflective cans and glass can start fires
  • If you live close to woodland or heathland do not burn off garden rubbish during hot weather
  • Report any evidence of illegal firesetting activity
What to do if you discover a fire
  • If you need to move to a safe place and call the Fire Service on 999 immediately, provide as much detail as you can - size of fire, location and terrain
  • Don't tackle the fire
  • If you haven't already, self evacuate the area as soon as possible - these fires can spread fast
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