Image demonstrating New speed signs for Bedlington residential area

New speed signs for Bedlington residential area

Two new Speed Indicator Display (SID) signs have been introduced on the C405 in Bedlington following a fatal road traffic collision in the area last year.

The solar powered signs have been installed on Victoria Terrace and Rothesay Terrace in response to local concerns following the death of 19 year old Bethany Fisher who was tragically killed when the car she was a passenger in hit parked vehicles in the area.

Over 1,000 local residents, family and friends signed a petition calling for the introduction of traffic calming and speed reduction measures.

Northumberland County Council has worked closely with local ward councillor Bill Crosby, East Bedlington Parish Council and Northumbria Police, and it was agreed that SID signs would be the most suitable option for this busy bus route which links Bedlington to Bedlington Station.

Councillor Bill Crosby has contributed towards the funding of the signs by using his Members Local Improvement Scheme Allowance.  He said: “We’ve had one tragedy in the area and no one wants another. We sincerely hope the new speed indicator signs will help to make this area a safer place for everyone.”

Research has found clear evidence that decreased traffic speeds reduce collisions and casualties, collisions happen less often, and when they do happen there is less risk of fatal injury.

Northumberland County Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services said:  “We’ve listened  and responded to local concerns. The vehicle activated signs detect and display vehicle speeds with a warning to drivers to slow down if required. They give a strong, clear message to drivers who are exceeding the speed limit.”
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