Image demonstrating New road arrangements on Ashington market day

New road arrangements on Ashington market day

Shoppers and drivers are being advised of new arrangements to improve packing up arrangements on Ashington Market day.

Ashington market is vibrant, trading conditions are good and since Station Road reopened to traffic it is consistently Northumberland’s busiest market.

However, since the street reopened to traffic some concerns have been raised about vehicle movements when traders are packing their stalls away at the end of the day. A number of options have been considered that reduce the potential for issues between vans and cars.

Following a number of traffic surveys and discussions with traders and other stakeholders it’s been agreed to introduce a temporary closure of the road for 90 mins from 3pm on Tuesday (market day) afternoons.

The trial scheme will begin on Tuesday, August 7.

The 90-minute closure will enable sufficient time for people parked in the bays to leave at the end of their maximum stay period and the traders an hour to then load-up and for council staff to dismantle the stalls.

The road closure will be staffed to allow access for commercial vehicles to the shops for deliveries and to allow traders to move their vehicles around. Initially it will be a pilot scheme for three months, with a review to gauge feedback and assess its effectiveness.

A decision will then be taken on whether to continue with this option as the normal method of working on market days.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services, said: “This is the county’s busiest market and traders are reporting business is going well.

“It’s important that everyone who uses this stretch of Station Road is kept safe and this limited weekly closure option is the best solution for traders, shoppers and drivers.

“I would like to thank all those stakeholders who provided feedback to the recent consultation and I hope that this pilot scheme will successfully resolve the issues that have arisen around packing up time and help sustain a vibrant market in Ashington.”
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