Memorial safety checks at burial grounds

Northumberland County Council is carrying out memorial safety testing in its burial ground over the coming months.

It forms part of a pre-planned five-year programme to test the safety and stability of all memorials within cemeteries and closed churchyards which are managed by the authority.

This type of testing is standard practice across the country and is required in all burial grounds to ensure public safety.

If any memorials are found to require attention, the memorial owner will be contacted where possible and the bereavement services team will provide advice to help ensure any memorials of concern are made safe.

It is the responsibility of the grave deed owner to maintain their loved one’s memorial in a safe condition, including any repairs that may arise over the years. Any memorial mason can carry out the repairs as long as they are on the County Council’s list of approved monumental masons.

While the council appreciates this is a sensitive issue, it has a duty of care to make sure our cemeteries are safe for visitors.

Anyone wanting more information about memorial safety testing can contact 01670 620403 during office hours.
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