Image demonstrating ‘Udderly’ unique names wanted for new park arrivals

‘Udderly’ unique names wanted for new park arrivals

Residents are being urged to get a ‘moove on’ and help name Druridge Bay Country Park’s newest residents.

The park is now home to nine cows, including three Highland Cattle and two new calves - and the council is hoping the community can come up with some udderly fantastic names for the youngsters. 

The Highland cows are a vital part of the Higher Level Stewardship process at the country park, through grazing on the dunes. Grazing has many benefits to Druridge Bay as grassland can quickly becomes encroached by rank vegetation and scrub which if not kept controlled by grazing or mowing, can damage the quality of the dunes.

Higher Level Stewardship is a grant scheme awarded by Natural England. The  scheme targets 110 areas across England aiming to deliver environmental benefits. Over a 10 year period, local advisors work with complex environmental areas, such as Druridge Bay, to help maintain important natural features and protect natural resources such as improving water quality.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services with Northumberland County Council, said: “It’s extremely important that our natural areas across the county are protected for residents and visitors to continue to enjoy in the future. 

“There is some innovative work ongoing at Druridge to protect the landscape, while the council is also investing in some major improvements around the visitor centre.

“I’d encourage people to come and experience some of the fantastic nature reserves and parks that Northumberland has got to offer.”     

The public are encouraged to visit Druridge Bay Country Park Visitor Centre to enter the calf naming competition. The suggestion list will be available in the centre cafe until Sunday 30th September.

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