Image demonstrating Students get on board to ‘Suss the Bus’

Students get on board to ‘Suss the Bus’

Students from James Calvert Spence College in Amble have taken part in a project to raise awareness of what to expect when using school transport for the first time.  

The year eight students had a great time learning all about how a film is made with professional filmmaker Jenny Wotherspoon.

The students ‘star’ in a short film, ‘Suss the Bus in Northumberland’, made through a partnership between Schools Go Smarter and Northumberland County Council’s school transport team.  It shows the journey to school and how students are expected to behave while using the school bus. 

Every day there are over 10,000 students using school transport across Northumberland and this film has been used to help and reassure the pupils who were using school transport for the first time this September. 

Councillor Glen Sanderson said:  “Using a school bus for the first time can be a bit of a scary experience for young people.  This film is extremely helpful in giving pupils the information and support that they need to start travelling by bus, helping them to grow in confidence.  

“For those students who live some way away from school travelling by bus is a sustainable form of transport, which reduces air pollution as well helping to reduce congestion and therefore improve safety at school gates.”

The new film addresses safety while travelling on school transport, which is a key concern for parents.   Students are also reminded that any antisocial behaviour such as fighting or vandalism is not acceptable and could have serious repercussions, especially if the driver becomes distracted.

Schools Go Smarter encourages pupils and their parents to travel sustainably to school by walking, cycling, scooting or using school transport for daily journeys to school.

Suss the Bus in Northumberland is an accessible resource which parents and pupils can watch together in preparation for using a school bus for the first time.

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