Image demonstrating Pledge to develop cultural opportunities for  young people

Pledge to develop cultural opportunities for young people

Northumberland County Council has joined dozens of organisations across the region by  signing a pledge to support and help deliver arts and heritage opportunities for young people.

The pledge calls on cultural  organisations that work with children and young people to
sign up to the principles of the Case for Culture for Children and Young People and work together to provide them with a rich and varied cultural life.

The north east of England’s  Case for Culture  aims to bring benefits to local people, places and the economy and outlines the ambition for the region for the next 15 years. It builds on the strengths of the diverse communities and points to the opportunities available for further investment in arts and heritage right across the North East.

It has five key aspirations and one of these is to ensure  the region continues  to innovate and broaden access to culture for children and young people.

The Case for Culture is supported by The North East Culture Partnership (NECP) which comprises the 12 Local Authorities and 5 Universities and representatives from the cultural sector including theatres, museums and libraries.
Northumberland County Councillor Cath Homer, cabinet member with responsibility for  culture said:
“ The north east has made significant progress in its arts and heritage offer but it wants to do more and spread the benefits wider. We will be working with our partners to ensure that young people from all walks of life can access  a creative education and regular cultural experiences.”
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