New children's safeguarding thresholds launched

A new thresholds document has been launched today, 3rd July 2017,  by Northumberland Safeguarding Children Board, providing guidance to assist professionals in identifying the most appropriate level of intervention and support.
This new guidance,  helps to clarify for everyone who works with children, the shared agreement on thresholds which have been developed by Northumberland County Council and colleagues on the multi agency Northumberland Local Safeguarding Children Board.
The importance of providing help to families at the earliest possible opportunity remains imperative for all professionals who work with vulnerable young people and their families.   When concerns become more complex, or where early identification and intervention do not appear to assist in reducing risk, it becomes increasingly important that professionals are able to utilise guidance on what might be the most appropriate “next step”.
A new ‘Unborn Thresholds’ document has also been developed  which focuses on the specific needs of unborn babies and their families.
The new documents will be  be used primarily as a helpful indicator of the types of interventions that are felt to be the most appropriate for families.
To help support organisations, a large A2 poster of the thresholds document has been designed for organisations to put up in staff areas for easy reference, a webinar has been produced explaining the context and purpose of the document, and case studies have been produced for training exercises with staff to facilitate their understanding of how the documents should be used.
Wayne Daley, Northumberland County Council’s Deputy Leader and cabinet member for Children’s Services, said: “Providing early help means providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life.  
“The new thresholds documents will help us and our colleagues in other organisations to identify issues and provide help at the earliest possible opportunity .”
Paula Mead, Independent Chair of the multi-agency Northumberland Safeguarding Children Board said:  “It is really important for children, young people and their families, that agencies provide them with the right level of support as early as possible.
“This document is a tool that helps front-line staff to identify the most appropriate level of intervention and support that children and families need. ”
Further information can be found on the Northumberland County Council website
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