County crackdown on abandoned vehicles

Northumberland County Council is  cracking down on abandoned vehicles following a sharp rise in incidents and is issuing a warning that the perpetrators could face a large fine.

The council is receiving reports of around 45 untaxed, uninsured  abandoned vehicles  each month which it must investigate -  a time consuming and costly business.

It is now issuing a warning that the last owner or registered keeper will be liable for any costs incurred if the vehicle has to be uplifted.   In addition the council will also issue a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice to the vehicle owner; In recent weeks it has issued two such penalties for cars abandoned in Widdrington and Amble.

The council is advising that it is important, if passing on a vehicle even for no cost, that sellers  complete the V5 document and notify DVLA.   It is a criminal offence not to do so.

Northumberland County Councillor, deputy leader with responsibility for public protection, Dave Ledger said:

“ These vehicles are often insecure, unsightly and are detrimental to the local amenity.

“   Residents should be aware that if a motor vehicle is left unattended and immobile on the highway or any open space which the public have access to, for a significant period of time, then the council has powers to remove and dispose of the vehicle. ”

Peter Simpson,  public health protection manager  at Northumberland County Council  added:
“  Vehicles  in poor condition are  being left on waste ground, in car parks or at the roadside and are  having an adverse effect on the amenity of  our communities.

"When people don’t have the money for repairs or to pay for the tax and insurance to put their vehicles on the road,  the temptation is all too great to dump them.  The scrap value of vehicles has also fallen  lately  which has exacerbated the problem.

" If we have to  remove these vehicles,  the last owner or registered keeper will be liable for any costs incurred and will also receive a fixed penalty fine.”

Anyone with information on any abandoned vehicle should contact Northumberland County  Council on 0345 600 6400  or complete the online form at

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