Image demonstrating Public asked to help combat under-age sales

Public asked to help combat under-age sales

Residents are being asked to play their part in tackling under-age sales in the county.

The sale of age restricted products happens throughout the whole of the year and Northumberland County Council’s Trading Standards Service carry out regular test purchasing exercises whenever it receives complaints.

The sales usually centre around alcohol and tobacco but can include any age restricted product, including knives, solvents, fireworks and aerosol paints, e-cigarettes and liquids.

Apart from the known health effects of some of these products, issues can arise in terms of anti-social behaviour when some of the products are consumed or abused.

Currently there are few complaints being reported about the selling of age restricted to those under the legal age and the Trading Standards Service is asking anyone who sees or knows of shops selling age restricted products to report it to them so that action can be taken.

Councillor John Riddle, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning, Housing & Resilience said: “If residents know of any people selling age controlled products to young people, especially if they are selling alcohol or tobacco from their own home, they should report this to Trading Standards.

“If you are approached by a young person and asked to purchase alcohol, tobacco or e-cigarettes always refuse. Buying such items for under 18s can lead to a fine, fixed penalty notice or even a criminal record.”

Any concerns regarding age restricted sales should be reported via email to

Any information will be held in the strictest confidence.

People can also telephone 01670 623870 and ask to speak to the Trading Standards Duty Officer.
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