Tyne Green Country Park, Hexham

Tyne Green Country Park, Hexham

Tyne Green is located on the south bank of the River Tyne, just off the A69 on the road into Hexham.

The park covers a 19-hectare site which includes a golf course and greens. The land was presented to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887 by Lord Allendale for the leisure of the local people. It was set out with public walks between avenues of trees and became very popular with the people of Hexham.

Tyne Green was designated a country park in 1982 and the facilities have expanded over the years to include a golf course and club house, play area and water sports centre. The park and river provides wildlife habitats to many species, and the River Tyne is a great place for wintering birds like goosander, goldeneye and teal.

There is no visitor centre but there are public toilets on site. Café Enna at Tynedale Golf Club is open to the public for food and refreshments.

There is a recently redesigned children's play area in the central part of the park, which is managed and owned by Hexham Town Council.

There are several sporting clubs based at Tyne Green: For more information on their activities, please visit their websites. In addition to these clubs, Tyne Tour is held here each November.
Fishing permits are available. Find out more about fishing permits here.

No overnight camping is allowed, except in specific circumstances as part of a larger organised event, such as the regatta or Tyne Tour canoe event.

Drone use
Launching drones from County Council land is only allowed with the consent of the Council and where a formal license agreement has been signed. The council reserves the right to refuse consent and where consent is granted will require evidence of your Civil Aviation Training Certificate and public liability insurance.

The River Tyne is wide, fast and, in places, deep. Swimming in the river is not advised unless it is as part of an organised group of experienced swimmers. Throw-lines and lifebelts are located at intervals along the riverside.

Please do not try to walk along the weir, which is the barrier across the river.

Tyne Green Country Park in Hexham - a guided tour

Tyne green country park in in the centre of Hexham next to the river Tyne

It is free to park in the Tyne Green car park. You are advised not to leave any valuables in your car.

Visitors are respectfully asked to keep their cars within the outlined car parking areas and not to drive on the green itself.

All organised events must be booked with Northumberland County Council's green spaces officer to prevent clashes and to regulate the activities provided.

Telephone: 0345 600 6400