School transport

Here you will find advice about entitlement to home to school transport.

The council has published 3 separate school transport policies which set out the eligibility criteria that must be met for a child to qualify for free transport to school or further education college. Please familiarise yourself with the relevant policy before considering submitting an application for school or college transport

You can also contact the school transport team here.

Lost or Damaged Bus Passes

For information if you have lost or damaged your bus pass you will be required to replace it at your own cost. If it is a bus pass produced by Northumberland County Council  please call the contact centre on 0345 6006400,

For passes issued for travel on ARRIVA contact the Business Administration Team at Arriva on 0191 520 4144 and for GO NORTH EAST passes contact the Go North East Customer Services 0191 420 5050.
Information about school transport policy

For specific information about transport entitlement to mainstream schools (including faith schools) for a child of compulsory school age, please read the Mainstream (Pre-16) School Transport Policy.

For specific information about transport entitlement to school sixth forms as well as further education colleges for students entering Post-16 Education please read the Post 16 Transport Policy 2019/20

For specific information about transport entitlement to special schools for a child with special educational needs please read the Home to School Transport Policy for Children with Disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs.

In some cases it may be possible for you to purchase unoccupied seats on vehicles deployed on school transport contracts. Please read the concessionary travel scheme. If, after reading the terms of the travel scheme you are interested in applying please contact the school transport team on 01670 624 839 who will be able to advise you if spare seats are available to purchase on a school bus or taxi in return for the concessionary fare.
Below are Online Application forms for Pre 16 School Transport, Post 16 Travel Scheme and Post 16 Special Educational Needs Transport. Please make sure you have read and understood the relevant transport policy before applying.

The following contains information and links to the major suppliers of local bus services in Northumberland.

Each company will be able to provide further information on their ticket offers for students. 

Also included is a link to the bus services that Northumberland College fund.

Please follow the link below for information regarding Arriva tickets and zones

To view the zone map and purchase zonal tickets, please click here.

For further information, contact the Arriva customer service team: 03448 004411.

To find out more about these schemes, or to buy tickets, visit the Stagecoach website.

For information including timetables and Fares Click here

For information including timetables and fares click here

For information including timetables and fares click here

For information including timetables and fares click here

Northumberland College has arranged a number of bus services. To view the bus services for the campus, click here. You can click on the bus service number for route details.

For further information and prices approach Northumberland College Student Infozones at Ashington and Kirkley Hall or call 01670 841 200.
During periods of severe weather, there may be school closures or disruption to the home-to-school transport.

In these circumstances do you know what to do?

In extreme cases, a school may close during the day due to severe weather and your child will be sent home early.
You could make arrangements with a relative or close friend to care for your child until you are able to get home.

You could inform the school and transport provider of these arrangements, as it may be necessary for your child to seek alternative transportation from school.

Ensure the school and transport provider has an emergency contact number. Above all, ensure your child is aware of these arrangements. 

Dress code
It is important to ensure your child is warmly dressed, just in case the school transport is running late, or the journey is slow.

Waiting time
During periods of severe weather, a child should wait 30 minutes after their normal pick-up time for school transport. After 30 minutes, it is advisable for the child to return home.

It is important the school is informed that your child has returned home after waiting 30 minutes for transport to arrive. Ensure you have the contact details of your transport providers and they have emergency contact numbers for you.

If you take your child to school, it is your responsibility to collect them in the afternoon.

It is vital for parents to have a contingency plan in place, if they are not home when a child returns. For example: a buddy scheme, or a family friend or relative who the child can go to until the parent/carer returns home.