Apprenticeships with Northumberland County Council

Apprenticeships with Northumberland County Council

We recruit two new cohorts a year, one in September and one in March.

You can attend our online events, ask questions, and apply for a whole host of new apprenticeships in a variety of departments and at different levels.  
The apprenticeship programme allows people aged 16 & older to work for the Council to develop skills & knowledge while working towards achieving nationally recognised qualifications.

What is a Northumberland County Council Apprenticeship?
The Northumberland County Council apprenticeship programme allows people aged 16 and older to work for the council to develop their skills and knowledge whilst working towards gaining qualifications. 
All of the apprentices will:
  • be employed by the council
  • earn a wage
  • follow a training programme
  • receive both on and off the job training
  • develop their skills to ensure they can do the job well
You will have the support of a Northumberland County Council Apprenticeship Mentor who will help you to progress in your chosen trade or career. They will provide you with all of the information, advice and guidance you need to understand both the learning and training aspects of your apprenticeship. 
The apprenticeships programme can be demanding, however it is extremely rewarding and enables you to progress your career in the future.
There are three types of Apprenticeships available:

1. Trade Apprenticeships 
2. Career Apprenticeships 
3. Degree/Higher Level Apprenticeships 

Trade Apprenticeships

If you’re the sort of person who likes to be hands on then trade apprenticeships are the route for you.  We have a wide range of opportunities at the Council from construction, including bricklaying to property maintenance or delivering projects in Highways  

Career Apprenticeships 

Work-based routes to careers have many advantages, Apprenticeships can allow you to combine work-based learning with academic achievement, to have a paid job, practical training and experience, and to gain qualifications at an appropriate level. We have career apprenticeships available in the following areas:
  • Local Services & Housing Delivery - highways development, highways maintenance, parking, refuse collection, street lighting, housing and strategic property
  • Wellbeing & Community Health Services - children’s social care, adult social care, public health, education and skills, adoption and fostering
  • Corporate Resources - information services, legal, finance, employee services and customer services, registrars and coronial services
  • Planning and Economy - planning, election services and policy and inclusion
  • Human Resources - HR, organisational development, health and safety and communications
  • Fire and Rescue - fire and public protection

Degree/Higher Level 

We currently offer degree/higher level apprenticeships in the following area:
  • Business Management
  • Data Scientist Apprenticeship 
  • Data Analyst Apprenticeship