Alnwick Borderlands

These pages showcase the work of the Alnwick Borderlands Place Programme.

Find out more about our plans for developing the town.

Alnwick Place Plan 2022 - 2033 (click link to access plan)

Our Place Plan for Alnwick builds on our strategic objectives and priorities.  It sets out our 10-year vision for the town’s future as a vibrant, inclusie and connected place to live, learn, work, and invest in.

It has been shaped with input from the local community and partners and sets out our priorities to deliver investment and sustainable economic growth in the town. 

It lays out compelling evidence to attract future funders and investment that will bring about meaningful and sustained change. 


Enhancing Alnwick’s long-term future as an outstanding place to live, work and visit.

Strategic objectives

  • Vibrant town - Improve the economic prosperity of Alnwick by increasing the sustainability of the visitor economy.
  • Inclusive town - Safeguard Alnwick’s existing employment, delivering new jobs and opportunities, engaging with advanced technology as a catalytic driver for growth. Create a sustainable future for all residents including a focus on young people in Alnwick.
  • Connected town - Maintain and raise the quality of the built environment in Alnwick town centre.

These are supported by the followoing priorities:  

  • Fostering collaboration across the town  
  • Contributing to net zero 2030  
  • Capitalising on opportunities in technology
  • Responding to the challenges of connectivity in a rural location
The Place Partnership Group has been established to oversee the development of the Borderlands Place Plan and Borderlands Town Investment Plan for Alnwick. 

The Place Partnership Group was established in January 2022.  It is made up of representatives from key public, private and community sector organisations.
Peter Reed (Chair) - Alnwick Civic Society
Lisa Aynsley - Alnwick Chamber of Trade 
Mark Brassel - Alnwick Gardens
​Cllr Gordon Castle - Northumberland County Council, Alnwick Ward
Cllr Martin Harrington - Alnwick Town Council
Jean Humphrys - Bailiffgate Museum
Catherine Neil - Alnwick Castle
Sue Patience - Gallery Youth
Peter Reed - Alnwick Civic Society
Cllr Martin Swinbank - Northumberland County Council, Alnwick Ward
Cllr Geoff Watson - Alnwick Town Council
Marianne Whitfield - Metrology Software Products 

Your input to consultations so far has been invaluable. We have used your views to help inform our plans.

Alnwick Town Investment Plan Survey (28 March - 11 April 22)

Alnwick BPP consultation overall summary - Apr 22
Alnwick BPP survey results presentation - Apr 22