Economy & Regeneration Service

Here you will find information on the Economy & Regeneration Service

Here you will find information relating to the work that the Economy and Regeneration Service provide

Service purpose and primary functions


The core purpose of the Service is to facilitate the effective delivery of the Council’s corporate priority with regard to Economic Growth – both in terms of influencing national and regional policy to best reflect Northumberland’s interests and in ensuring that all Council Services are maximising their contribution to the county’s economic growth.  

As a result, the Service provides the primary bridge between the Council and the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA), the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP) and the Borderlands Initiative, which includes the coordination of the Regeneration Investment Programme for Northumberland.

To underpin the delivery of the Regeneration Investment Programme, the service will facilitate a funding network to co-ordinate and maximise the value of external funding secured, and provide Accountable Body functions for key regeneration programmes.

Primary functions

  • Develop and deliver the county’s Economic Strategy in conjunction with Arch
  • Promote Northumberland’s interests at regional and national level 
  • Maximise opportunities to champion rural productivity and stewardship
  • Promote employability and inclusion, particularly for those furthest from the labour market
  • Secure improvements to the strategic transport network
  • Promote sustainable travel through walking, cycling and public transport 
  • Deliver town-based local growth initiatives 
  • Facilitate community regeneration initiatives, including management of the Community Chest 
  • Coordinate the Council’s strategic relationship with town and parish councils and the voluntary and community sector
  • Develop the Council’s strategy to public transport and concessionary travel - essentially acting as the Nexus for Northumberland
  • Maximise the level of external funding secured to facilitate the delivery of these activities
  • Deliver the strategic programmes associated LEADER, FLAG, Building Better Opportunities, and North East Mental Health Trailblazer to a successful conclusion 
  • Manage the legacy commitments from previous regeneration funding programmes, and facilitating the effective and timely deployment of the current 2014-20 EU programmes 
  • Provide advice and services which support the Council in its role as Accountable Body for external grant funding
Priorities for 2018 - 2021
  • To facilitate and coordinate the Council’s contribution to the North of Tyne Combined Authority
  • To lead the Council’s input to securing the announcement of a Borderlands Growth Deal in the Budget statement 2018
  • To ensure that Northumberland is in the best position to capitalise in promoting economic growth
  • To effectively manage the external funding implications emerging from the UK’s exit from the European Union
  • To fully contribute to the Council's new ways of working and budget efficiency programme

Priority areas

The teams

Achievements (dated 10/07/2020)

Secured in excess of £20 million in external funding and progressed a whole host of projects and initiatives of all different sizes and shapes that will genuinely make a difference to the residents and businesses of Northumberland.