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There are lots of different ways you can get involved with the county council and have your say on matters which affect you.

Find out how to sign up for our democracy workshops, sign or start a petition and ask a question at public question time or your local area committee meeting.

The council holds a public question time session during the full council meeting.The press and public are welcome.

Public Question Time

Members of the public may ask a question of the Cabinet at ordinary meetings of the Council:
  • You can put one question to a member of the council’s cabinet.
  • Your question should be about council functions or services, and you must give your name, address, the name of the cabinet member being asked the question and whether or not you’ll be attending the meeting.
  • The question should be short and meet the criteria set out in the council’s constitution.
Please read the full procedure for public question time within the Council's Constitution before submitting a question 
Details of deadlines for forthcoming county council meetings during the 2024/25 council year are as follows:
  • Wednesday, 3 July 2024 - deadline noon on 26 June 2024
  • Wednesday, 11 September 2024 - deadline noon on 4 September 2024
  • Wednesday, 6 November 2024 - deadline noon on 30 October 2024
  • Wednesday, 15 January 2025  - deadline noon on 8 January 2025
  • Wednesday, 19 February 2025  - deadline noon on 12 February 2025
  • Wednesday, 26 March 2025 - deadline noon on 19 March 2025

Questions in writing should be sent to email: or addressed to Democratic Services, Northumberland County Council, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF.
If you require more information about public question time, please contact:
Five Local Area Committee's cover five areas of Northumberland and are there to help communities have a greater say in council affairs. These cover north Northumberland, Tynedale, Castle Morpeth, Cramlington/Bedlington/Seaton Valley, and Ashington/Blyth.

Their overall aim is to empower citizens, strengthen communities and improve services. They involve councillors for each particular area and are held in public.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Regular items include public question time, a slot for submitting and considering petitions, and Local Services updates.

Their terms of reference are as follows:

(a) To enhance good governance in the area and ensure that the Council’s policies take account of the needs and aspirations of local communities and do not discriminate unfairly between the different areas.

(b) To advise the Cabinet on budget priorities and expenditure within the area.

(c) To consider, develop and influence policy and strategy development of the Council, its arms-length organisations, and other relevant bodies, to ensure that they meet local requirements and facilitate efficient and transparent decision making.   

(d) To receive information, consider and comment on matters associated with service delivery including those undertaken in partnership agencies, affecting the local area to ensure that they meet local requirements, including matters relating to community safety, anti-social behaviour and environmental crime.

(e) To consider and refer to Cabinet any issues from a local community perspective with emerging Neighbourhood Plans within their area, and consider local planning applications as per the planning delegation scheme.

(f) To consider and recommend adjustments to budget priorities in relation to Local Transport Plan issues within their area, and to make decisions in relation to devolved capital highway maintenance allocations.

(g) To engage, through the appropriate networks, with all key stakeholders from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors to facilitate the delivery of area priorities.  This will include undertaking regular liaison with parish and town councils.

(h) To inform, consult and engage local communities in accordance with Council policy and guidance, through the appropriate networks.  

(i) To, as appropriate, respond or refer with recommendations to local petitions and councillor calls for action.

(j) To make certain appointments to outside bodies as agreed by council.

(k) To determine applications for grant aid from the Community Chest, either through Panels for individual Local Area Councils, or through the Panel of Local Area Council Chairs for countywide applications.

(l) To refer and receive appropriate issues for consideration to or from other Council Committees, and as appropriate invite Portfolio Holders to attend a meeting if an item in their area of responsibility is to be discussed.

(m)  To exercise the following functions within their area:-
(i) the council’s functions in relation to the survey, definition, maintenance, diversion, stopping up and creation of public rights of way.
(ii) the council’s functions as the Commons Registration Authority for common land and town/village greens in Northumberland.
(iii) the council’s functions in relation to the preparation and maintenance of the Rights of Way Improvement Plan
(iv) the council’s functions in relation to the Northumberland National Park and County Joint Local Access Forum (Local Access Forums (England) Regulations 2007.
(v) the council’s role in encouraging wider access for all to the County’s network of public rights of way and other recreational routes.

Local Area Committees have the chance to reply to any questions from the public, which may either be received in advance or asked at the meeting. Questions can be asked about issues for which the council has a responsibility. 

As agreed by the county council in February 2012, the management of local public question times is at the discretion of the chair of the committee. Please note however that a question may possibly be rejected if it requires the disclosure of any categories of confidential or exempt information, namely information:
  1. relating to any individual
  2. which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual
  3. relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person
  4. relating to any labour relations matters/negotiations
  5. restricted to legal proceedings
  6. about enforcement/enacting legal orders
  7. relating to the prevention, investigation of prosecution of crime. 
  • is defamatory, frivolous or offensive
  • it is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting of this or another County Council committee in the past six months
  • the request repeats an identical or very similar question from the same person
  • the cost of providing an answer is disproportionate
  • it is being separately addressed through the Council's complaints process
  • it is not about a matter for which the Council has a responsibility or which affects the county
  • it relates to planning, licensing and/or other regulatory applications
  • it is a question that town/parish councils would normally be expected to raise through other channels.
If the Chair is of the opinion that a question is one which for whatever reason, cannot properly be asked in an area meeting, he/she will disallow it and inform the resident of his/her decision. Copies of any written answers (without individuals' personal contact details) will be provided for members after the meeting and also be publicly available. Democratic services will confirm the status of the progress on any previously requested written answers and follow up any related actions requested by the Local Area Committee.

Please use the links below to find out more about area committee meetings in Northumberland and who attends.

Ashington/Blyth Local Area Council ​Castle Morpeth Local Area Council Cramlington/Bedlington/Seaton Valley Local Area Council North Northumberland Local Area Council Tynedale Local Area Council Local Area Council public question time
The template and guidance for asking questions at Local Area Council public question time can be found by clicking the link below. You can also submit a question online by clicking here or by emailing
There are opportunities to speak on planning applications if you have submitted written representations (for any further queries or advice, please email

For details of public speaking rights and other planning protocols, please click on the links below: Details for the process and procedure for how planning applications are determined can also be found by clicking on the following link:

Planning committee procedure.
Procedure for virtual planning committee
Details of the public's rights to film, photograph or make an audio recording of the proceedings of meetings can be found by clicking here.
Democratic services hold interactive workshop events in Northumberland about attending county council meetings, speaking at meetings, accessing information and petitioning the county council.

Everyone is welcome, but these workshops may be of particular interest to residents, residents' groups and others.

For further information, please contact:

There are currently no sessions scheduled, but there are a number of other ways to get involved.

Northumberland County Council's Democratic Services and Youth Services departments jointly run events for Northumberland schools each year during Local Democracy Week. For further information, please contact:
Northumberland County Council is committed to engaging with people, getting closer to communities and improving services. We welcome petitions so you can let us know your concerns or ideas.

Petitions can be created or signed by anyone living, working, studying or using services in Northumberland. They can be in paper or electronic form ('e-petition') and submitted with both written and electronic signatures.

Make an e-petition to Northumberland County Council

Petitions about local issues (containing a minimum of 50 signatures) will be considered by the local area committee meetings.

The petitions committee considers petitions containing a minimum of 100 signatures relating to corporate or county matters which do not fall within the remit of the area committees, planning or other regulatory committees.

It will make recommendations to full council, the cabinet or regulatory committees depending upon the subject matter. If possible, a report will be made for the next available meeting after receiving a petition. Sometimes this takes longer if the issue needs more investigating.

A petition about licensing or planning applications will be considered when the planning committee is ready to consider the planning application.

Some petitions will not be considered in this process, for example:
  • responses to ongoing consultation exercises
  • if a petition's subject is considered by the petitions officer to be offensive and using inappropriate language 
  • if it includes false or defamatory statements
  • if it is commercially sensitive or contains confidential material
  • if it includes complaints about individuals
  • if it is about issues which are the subject of judicial proceedings
A petition will not normally be considered if it is received within 12 months of the meeting where another petition on the same matter was considered.

What can I expect in response to my petition?

Received petitions should be acknowledged to the lead petitioner within seven working days of their receipt by democratic services.

The letter of receipt will include these details:
  • the officer contact
  • service area contact
  • date, time and venue of the meeting where a report responding to the petition will be heard
If any of these details cannot be provided in the first letter, more information will be sent out when details have been confirmed.

If the response is being heard at a later meeting (e.g. because the complexity of the issue being investigated will take more time to produce a report), the lead petitioner will be advised as soon as possible.

The lead petitioner will receive a copy of the report at least five days before the meeting. The lead petitioner will receive a minute extract about the decision taken following the meeting.

Fo further advice or information about the petitioning process or past petitions considered since 1 April 2009, please contact:
If you wish to create a new e-petition, you should first check you aren’t duplicating an existing recent petition. The petitions log, which provides summary details of petitions received, is updated on a regular basis. It doesn’t cover petitions that are responding to licensing or planning applications. Please use the link below to create a new petition: Valid petitions require a minimum of 50 signatures for local issues and 100 signatures for countywide/ budgetary issues. Signatures will only count from people who either live, work, study or use services in Northumberland. If petitions contain less than the minimal thresholds (50 or 100), they will be referred to the relevant senior officer for consideration. Petitions should concern issues that are the responsibility of the county council. Once a petition has been considered about a particular issue, no further petitions about the same issue will be accepted within the following 12 months. Further details are available in the petitions protocol.

Paper petitions should be directed for the attention of:

The Petitions Officer
Democratic Services
Northumberland County Council
County Hall
NE61 2EF

They can also be emailed to:
Petitions Archive:

Data Protection:

For information about how we handle and protect your personal information in petitions please click here

Contact Details and Procedural Advice:

For further advice or information about the petitioning process or past petitions considered since 1 April 2009, please contact:
  • Email:
  • Write to: The Petitions Officer, Democratic Services, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF
  • Telephone: 01670 622617 or 622611.

Re-instate short term parking on Marygate, Berwick

As residents and businesses based in Berwick we are concerned about the decline in Berwick high street, with decreased footfall and empty shops proliferating. Short stay parking on Marygate worked well, and enabled many residents and visitors to make quick stops to visit shops.

We also think more parking, and more vehicles moving around, would help slow down traffic and reduce the risk to pedestrians from vehicles speeding through without stopping. We know that short stay parking has been introduced in other towns after petitions.

We also believe that this could be implemented easily simply by moving bollards and painting lines; no major works are required, and we ask NCC to make this happen as soon as possible for the sake of businesses and to make life easier for all.

Opened for signatures 22.05.2024
Click here to sign the e-petition

Use of extra Council Tax charge on Second Homes

In 2025 Northumberland County Council will double the Council Tax charge for Second Homes. Whilst we welcome this, we ask that the additional income is strictly ringfenced and spent in the areas with high levels of Second Homes. And that these residents decide the use of this money, such as building more affordable housing to rent or buy and improving the sustainability of local communities.

Opened for signatures on 11.03.2024
Closed for signatures on 12.06.2024
Number of signatures as at 12.06.2024 - 210

Say 'NO' to building 2200 homes on fields between East Cramlington and Seghill

Say 'NO' to building 2200 homes on fields between East Cramlington and Seghill. This development will add to existing traffic congestion, put pressure on local schools and hospitals, and will physically join East Cramlington to Seghill. NCC should refuse permission.

Opened for signatures on 24.11.2023
Closed for signatures on 24.05.2024
Number of signatures as at 24.05.2024 - 870

Traffic lights on North Seaton Roundabout

Working in conjunction with Enid Wilson, Chair of Newbiggin Traders Association we are requesting Traffic Lights on North Seaton Roundabout for peak times 7.30am - 9.30am then 4pm - 6pm.  It is very difficult to access the Roundabout at these times from all 5 directions but particularly Newbiggin/Ashington and Ashwood Business Park.  Traffic lights would make it easier for all road users.

Opened for signatures on 01.02.2024
Closed for signatures on 08.04.2024
Number of signatures as at 08.04.2024 - 1230

Implement traffic calming measures on Causey Hill, Hexham

As a concerned resident of Hexham and a parent, the safety of our children walking to school has become an urgent issue due to the lack of speed restrictions on Causey Hill. Every day, our children are at risk as they navigate their way down Causey Hill having to cross the road where there is a lack of pavement. The majority of vehicles trip the speed warning sign at the bottom of the hill, despite braking for several metres beforehand. Causey Hill has a steep gradient, is very straight and does not have parked cars that would slow traffic. There are speed restrictions on the other main southbound route (St Cuthberts/Longlands) and yet Causey Hill has far more traffic. Please introduce speed restriction measures on Causey Hill. These measures could include traffic calming installations like speed bumps or chicanes or enforcement of existing speed limits through the use of speed cameras.

Opened for signatures on 12.01.2024
Closed for signatures on 22.03.2024
Number of signatures as at 22.03.2024 - 101

Creation of Community Woodland on Shielfield Terrace, Berwick upon Tweed, between Dean Drive and Cornhill Road

Residents and Town Councillors, mindful of the maintenance issues of the wooded area between the rear of Prior Road and Shieldfield Terrace, would request NCC to enter into partnership arrangements or transfer the unused land to enable a community woodland to be created, provide recreational space and allowing the issues of litter, antisocial behaviour and associated rodent infestations to be addressed.

Opened for signatures on 08.12.2023
Closed for signatures on 14.02.2024
Number of signatures as at 14.02.2024 - 247

A68 Safety Improvements

A68 Northbound between B6318/A68 roundabout (Errington Coffee House) to the Bingfield turn off.

As stated on current road signage, the A68 is a dangerous road with many hidden dips and peaks, which has resulted in many road casualties, the most recent this month resulting in a tragic loss of life and injury.

Anyone living besides the A68 will inform of poor driving behaviour and the fact that A68 seems to attract racetrack thrill seekers which on any other road would be considered unacceptable. It seems on a typical holiday weekend this type of behaviour has become normalised.

The A68 is further safety compromised by heavy haulage lorries and slow-moving farming vehicles.

This petition is focused on speed reduction/calming measures when approaching A68 driveways and junctions. The signatures of this petition have all experience dangerous, aggressive and totally inconsiderate drivers (motorbikes, cars and heavy vehicles) with zero tolerance of those pulling in/out of the A68.

It should be noted that the A68 is the main route for the school run with our children at risk.

It is acknowledged that in 2022 signage and road markings improvements were implemented but against the existing driving mentality, speed and behaviour, has made no safety impact.

The signatures of this petition are convinced the only way forward to mitigate future tragedies, is a controlled and managed reduction of speed over A68 driveways and road junctions.

Opened for signatures on 03.11.2023
Closed for signatures on 08.01.2024
Number of signatures as at 08.01.2024 - 81


Finalise Crofton Grange housing estate (Blyth)

The Crofton Grange estate has existed for over a decade, houses on the estate are built by Persimmon Homes & Taylor Wimpey.  In 2022 having completed all house building on the estate one developer - Persimmon vacated the estate, with Taylor Wimpey having left some years prior. However, they both did so with the estate not completely finished.

Having two housing developers share a site and then vacate once all work has been completed in terms of building homes has  presented a number of issues. These issues have become increasingly frustrated once the developers have left and neither have taken responsibility for the completing of certain work and outstanding issues which are having a detrimental impact on residents currently. In addition these issues to be complete,  were in some cases a deciding factor in certain families purchasing a property through the developer and moving to the estate. 

After Persimmon Homes left site mid 2022 frequent emails and letters have been sent to both developers and local councillors from residents which have led to no movement on the most pressing topics.

The issues in which we seek some assistance in helping progress to being resolved include:
  • The topping of all existing roads on site,
  • The topping of all existing paths on site,
  • missing/damaged kerbstones replaced,
  • Proposed Park/Play Area included in site plans from developers to be erected,
  • The adoption of ALL green areas by landscapers to ensure everywhere is cut and maintained when on site,
  • A completed path to exit the Crofton Grange estate on both sides of the entrance road (currently only one side has a entrance path), communication from all parties with relevance to the one and only entrance to the estate causing significant congestion especially AM, proposals were to have two. 

These are an example of some but not all of the issues within the estate currently.

Opened for signatures on 06.10.2023
Closed for signatures on 12.12.23
Number of signatures as at 12.12.2023 - 102

Safety at Swinhoe

We, the undersigned, do not accept that the proposed changes to the road signs and markings at Swinhoe crossroads address the fundamental cause of recent road traffic accidents
We believe that:-
1. The restricted visibility available to motorists arriving at the four-way junction on B1340 from the south is the major cause of the 5 known accidents in the past 16 months.
2. The recent increase in tourism, larger and faster cars, driven by drivers unfamiliar with the area, on country roads not designed for speed, only serves to heighten the risk of accidents.
As a result, the signatories to this petition urge Northumberland County Council to accept that the realignment of the roads at the junction, to improve the drivers’ view of oncoming traffic, is the only solution that will prevent accidents from occurring in future and motorists continuing to be  injured or worse.

Opened for signatures on 02.08.2023
Closed for signatures on 04.12.2023
Number of signatures as at 04.12.2023 - 607

Zebra crossing on Stead Lane, Bedlington for safety of children

I wish to request a zebra crossing on Stead Lane in Bedlington, at the road crossing that links the footpaths between Poplar Grove and Terrier Close / Stead Lane school.  I believe the 20 mile per hour when lights flashing signs are not correctly placed and have little impact.  A crossing would also assist outside of school hours for children wishing to access the park or the shops at the Oval.
Opened for signatures on 15.09.2023
Closed for signatures on 20.11.2023
Number of signatures as at 20.11.2023 - 84

Call for a Pedestrian Crossing on Newbiggin Road
Residents of the Essendene Rise Estate and in homes on or around the B1334 Newbiggin Road from its junction with Freeman Way (the B & M roundabout) to the junction of the A189 Spine Road are calling for the installation of a controlled pedestrian crossing on Newbiggin Road.
The last council survey in April 2021 identified insufficient traffic and pedestrian usage to warrant a controlled crossing. However, this was before the Co-op and Cooplands Bakery opened and the size of the Essendene Rise Estate has also doubled since then. The growing number of people crossing this busy road is increasing the potential for a serious accident to occur. It is posing a significant problem for older and disabled people who can’t drive as it is not possible to access public transport without crossing this road. Furthermore the increasing number of families now living in the area means that children are also at risk when accessing the local shops and attending school.

Opened for signatures on 14.04.2023
Closed for signatures on 13.10.2023
Number of signatures as at 13.10.2023 - 83


The Falcon Centre Wylam

This petition calls upon Northumberland County Council to support the efforts of the Falcon Centre Action Group (FCAG) to secure the future of the Falcon Centre as a community hub. We believe the best way to secure the Falcon Centre for the benefit of the local community would be for the Centre to be run by and for the local community. The FCAG should be allowed time to develop a robust business plan in conjunction with other community partners. A future application to NCC from the FCAG for a Community Asset Transfer should be given sympathetic consideration.

Opened for signatures on 01.12.2022
Closed for signatures on 01.06.2023
Number of signatures as at 01.06.2023 - 78


Traffic calming measures - Woodlands, Hexham

The speed drops from 30 to 20 in front of this row of houses but is rarely adhered to, leading to a lot of near misses for people entering or exiting Dene Street and Monk’s Terrace. Further traffic calming measures are required, ideally a speed camera but rumble strips or other methods which encourage motorists to slow down would be welcomed by all road users who regularly use these junctions.

Opened for signatures on 14.02.2023
Closed for signatures on 14.04.2023
Number of signatures as at 14.04.2023 - 80


Address speeding between Jameson Estate (old Police HQ site) and Grange Lea Care Home on North Road, Ponteland

Residents of Jameson Estate are calling for urgent action by the Local Highways Authority to address the serious issue of speeding along the C358 between Jameson Estate (old Police HQ site) and Grange Lea Care Home on North Road in Ponteland.
Following several complaints, the County Council’s Highways Improvements Team undertook a series of speed surveys between 28th October 2022 and 3rd November 2022. The results of these surveys met the criteria required by the Northumbria Safety Roads Initiative for consideration for additional enforcement measures.  The 85th percentiles for Northbound traffic were 39.1mph and 36.4mph for Southbound traffic. These results were thereafter forwarded to the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative.  Jameson Residents have set up this e-petition in the hope that the County Council will address speeding concerns along this road as a matter of greater urgency and appreciate the local feeling on this issue. 

Opened for signatures on 30.01.2023
Closed for signatures on 12.04.2023
Number of signatures as at 12.04.2023 - 183

Banks Development at Wansbeck Road, Ashington

Banks Property propose to build 190 houses at Wansbeck Road, Ashington. This proposal will have a devastating impact on the local Wansbeck community and will subject residents to years of excessive noise, dust, air pollution and mud, not to mention an exponential increase in construction traffic. The traffic on Wansbeck Road is already at dangerous levels and the proposed new junction, and bus-turning area will exacerbate the problem and increase the dangers to children and parents walking to school. We ask that Northumberland County Council refuse planning permission for this proposal.

Opened for signatures on 30.09.2022
Closed for signatures on 21.12.2022
Number of signatures as at 21.12.2022 - 446

Request to impose a speed limit on a section of the C234 between Warden Bridge and Fourstones

It is requested that a mandatory speed limit of 30 mph be introduced on the half mile section of the C234 between Quality Cottages and the Level Crossing adjacent to the Fourstones Paper Mill. This is a busy stretch of road recording over 1600 vehicular movements per day. There are several blind bends, poor sightlines, and numerous concealed junctions.

At the SE is a junction between two houses on the road side that leads to four further houses, To the SW are Hardhaugh Cottages, a group of ten terraced and semi-detached houses. Five concealed junctions serve these houses including two into the adjacent car park. Towards the NW is Fourstones Paper Mill, there are two entrances to the Mill for HGVs and staff car parks located on either side of the road. The NW end is delineated by a level crossing that crosses the road in a diagonal manner. This is the main Newcastle to Carlisle line carrying significant passenger and freight services.

The road is well used by a variety of cars, HGVs, agricultural vehicles, cyclists, horse riders and walkers. The residents of Hardhaugh, including young children, navigate the narrow footpath adjacent to their houses, and numerous pedestrians have to walk on the road between the Paper Mill and Hardhaugh due to the lack of a pavement. There is an advisory 30mph sign on the central bend however the mandatory speed limit for the entire section is 60mph. A recent traffic survey recorded an average speed 42 / 43 mph, 15% of vehicles exceeding 50mph, and maximum speeds of over 80mph. This represents a significant increase in recorded speeds since 2011.

Collision data for this road section is relatively low, although there have been a number of accidents. Unless a mandatory speed limit of 30mph is introduced it is feared that a combination of road geometry, the composition of road users, and existing traffic speeds will result in more speed related accidents and the possibility of serious injuries or deaths.

Opened for signatures on 12.09.2022
Closed for signatures on 14.11.2022
Number of signatures as at 14.11.22 - 57

Margaret Street Road Repair and One Way System (Widdrington)

We the undersigned are asking Northumberland County Council to take action to repair our streets on The Green And Margaret Street in Widdrington Northumberland. We recognise the efforts of the local Councillor in trying to resolve this matter and as residents feel we have no option but to petition for this work to be carried out. Remedial works are not holding and the streets are damaging peoples cars. We need proper resurfacing works to solve this problem. In addition to the above we are petitioning for a one-way system along Margaret Street to improve traffic flow and safety. We urge the County Council to listen to us and support our requests with some action.
Opened for signatures on 09.09.2022
Closed for signatures on 11.11.2022
Number of signatures as at 11.11.22 - 129

Dog Park

After a recent trip to Budapest, I was extremely impressed with the amount of free dog parks. Secure areas, with simple and cheap dog runs and obstacles within. These appeared very popular with the locals and well maintained.
On returning home I searched for the nearest one and found it was near Birtley and at a cost.
Blyth beach is full of dog walkers and we are clearly a dog loving area. But sadly, with the exclusion of dogs on the beach there could be more suitable areas for our four legged friends. I would love it if Blyth could have the first free to use dog park. This would be a wonderful addition to Blyth and leading the way for other local areas to follow suit.

Opened for signatures on 11.05.2022
Closed for signatures on 11.11.2022
Number of signatures as at 11.11.2022 - 25

Wentworth Car Park & Hexham Alemouth Road Car Park, Hexham

We are petitioning NCC to keep Wentworth Car Parking as is so the additional long stay bays at the Hexham Alemouth Road Car Park (bunker site) help to meet the high demand of all day parking in Hexham.

The decision from NCC is to make Wentworth Car Park short and medium parking only, with all long stay parking only available at the Hexham Alemouth Car Park (bunker site).  Wentworth currently has 283 long stay bays which will all become max 4 hour stay bays. It is understood there will be 250 white bays at the bunker site. The long stay parking availability in Hexham will be reduced by 33 spaces. The Hexham Alemouth Road Car Park (bunker site) includes the newly built Travel Lodge. We can easily assume that some of their guests will park in the white / long stay bays which may further reduce the total number of white / long stay bays. 
We do not believe you should prioritise one demographic over another. Residents (who live in close proximity to Wentworth without parking or on street parking and unable to purchase residents parking permits), workers in local businesses/ hospital, commuters, guests at Hexham hotels without parking (such as The County and (under renovation) Coach & Horses), residents of Hexham and tourists who want to stay more than 4 hours could be impacted by the decision and are valid when considering parking needs of the town. We should be encouraging visitors to Hexham to stay longer than four hours! Hexham is holding more & more events which encourages visitors to stay all day - the proposal actively hinders this. The blue / medium stay bays at Wentworth Car Park usually have the most spaces available, therefore the logic of creating additional blue / medium stay bays is perplexing. The long stay / white bays are in high demand, so reducing the capacity by 30 with potential further loss to travel lodge guests and making them less accessible is equally baffling.
Please sign!

Opened for signatures on 30.06.2022
Closed for signatures on 30.09.2022
Number of signatures as at 30.09.2022 - 564

Arcot Manor/The Fairways, Cramlington - pedestrian safety & access to local services

A "family" housing development on the edge of Cramlington with with currently 1,000 residents (and rising) who do not have a safe point to cross a very busy road and no pedestrian or cycle access to local services. The only access onto the housing estate is via Fisher Lane where residents including the elderly & school children are expected to cross a very busy 50MPH road to access bus service into Cramlington & Blyth and from Newcastle. The design of the roundabout is poor with cars often exceeding the speed limit and driving dangerously. There are no signs advising road users of the crossing point In order to access local services by foot, residents are expected to walk a 1/3 mile stretch of road where cars can travel at 50MPH before they reach a footpath at Northumberlandia and access the footpath & cycle network by crossing a 70MPH dual carriageway on the A1068 on Fisher Lane. This has left many residents including those in social housing being isolated. Residents request immediate action to prevent injury or loss of life as a result of not creating adequate infrastructure to a growing development, which currently has over 300 properties being occupied. We want to see a safer crossing point together with appropriate signs and a temporary or permanent footpath giving residents access to local services. It is vital that this in place before the winter months.

Opened for signatures on 19.08.2022
Closed for signatures on 22.09.2022
Number of signatures as at 22.09.2022 - 292

Extend 20mph speed limit areas in Berwick to help combat air pollution and increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists

1.      UK Government declared road transport as the largest source of carbon emissions from exhausts, tyres, brakes and road wear. Reports suggest that from 2018 to 2021 emissions from vehicles in the UK increased. 2.      Impact of vehicle emissions on health is considerable. For example, motoring research found that brake dust could be just as toxic as particulates from the exhausts of diesel engines, and brake pad particulates were found to harm respiratory health, damaging lung cells. Other effects on physical health include cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as asthma and lung cancer, leading to reduced life expectancy, and can impair lung development in children and cause low birth weight. Air pollution is also a contributory factor of strokes and increases the likelihood of hospitalisation in the elderly, and so on.

3.      It is estimated that about 6,724 tonnes of CO2 emissions are created annually by vehicle use in Berwick. This could reduce by extending 20mph zones. 4.      We consider traffic speeds should be reduced in many parts of Berwick, for example, on the North Road, Castlegate, Marygate, Bridge Street, and Castle Terrace. 20mph zones are needed in these areas. 5.      Also, existing speed bumps do not always reduce traffic speed, and actually cause braking and revving which create further emissions and should be removed. 6.      Extending 20mph areas could increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

For further information about this campaign, visit:

Opened for signatures on 22.02.2022
Closed for signatures on 23.08.2022
Number of signatures as at 23.08.2022 - 14

To make Berwick-upon-Tweed a “smoke control” area to help mitigate against emissions


(1) Public Health England and dozens of scientific studies show that poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK, with even short exposure to air pollution causing chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as lung cancer. According to the Taskforce for Lung Health, for example, based on 2018 data from Northumberland, an estimated 3.24 per cent of deaths were attributable to air pollution which was equivalent to 116.6 deaths in the region. Air pollution also causes mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and may even cause cognitive impairment in young people and escalate dementia in the elderly.
(2) This would help the Council achieve its net zero emissions target by 2030. Current emissions from the town total about 75,139 tonnes of CO2 per year. Part of this is from wood-burning stoves and open fires. New applications to Berwick Town Council to install chimneys for wood-burning stoves suggest a worrying increase in emissions.
(3) While tree-planting is part of the answer, other ways are needed as trees take time to mature and there are limited opportunities for tree-planting in the Berwick area. The Council’s Emissions Dashboard, for example, suggests that occupants of a single property for one Berwick postcode area would need to plant 38 trees every year to offset emissions. Further details about this e-petition can be found at

Opened for signatures on 02.03.2022
Closed for signatures on 23.08.2022
Number of signatures as at 23.08.2022 - 19

Pavement/Cycle way connecting Red Row Drive to Barrington Road

This petition requests a pavement/cycle way to connect Old Red Row to Barrington Road to give access to services at Bedlington Station, Bedlington and Barrington Industrial Estate. Currently pedestrians are forced to walk on the grass  verge along Red Row Drive. This is a difficult walk for those who are fully mobile but impossible for those with young children in pushchairs, and wheelchair users, who resort to walking on this busy road. An alternative route to Bedlington Station, over the railway bridge is excluded for these users as it is steeply inclined and width restricted. The new Northumberland Line will improve access for those living in this area, but only if they can safely access the rail link.

Opened for signatures on 11.03.2022
Closed for signatures on 10.05.2022
Number of signatures as at 10.05.2022 - 287

Provide a safe enclosed area within a local park specifically to exercise dogs

Like many others I enjoy taking my dog on a walk. More specifically letting my dog free to chase a ball, frisbee or just socialising with other dogs. I believe it is important to socialise your dog at a young age so that the dog grows to be well balanced. I quite regularly use Hirst Park Playing Fields as it is secure and large enough for several groups of people to use at one time. Unfortunately there are some dog owners who are using this field and leaving dog mess all over the pitches. This is unnacceptable not to mention unhygienic. I can understand the frustrations of many users who continue to find dog mess on their pitches they are paying for! Although there are signs and waste bins clearly at each entrance, there does not seem to be any deterrent in place. This is causing me concern as it is the only place I can safely securely train my dog and it will upset a lot of the community if it is closed to dogs. The question I put to you is: Can we have an alternative section of the park specifically for dogs? I am a member of NCC Green Dog Walker Scheme. Perhaps this could be advertised in and around the local parks?

Opened for signatures on 08.03.2022
Closed for signatures on 03.05.2022
Number of signatures as at 03.05.2022 - 1

Dangerous road (Hexham)

The road across the front of peth head is supposed to be 20 mph. It has no signage or speed bumps and is used as a shortcut for traffic trying to access the corbridge road. Traffic drives at speed from morning till night and crossing the road is incredibly dangerous.  Many parents with young children attempting to cross in order to access schools, nurseries or the hospital are left standing in fear for their children. There needs to be at the least signage, and possibly a safe place to cross as this is no longer a small little back road, but is actually being used as an alternative to the main corbridge road.

Opened for signatures on 22.02.2022
Closed for signatures on 28.04.2022
Number of signatures as at 28.04.2022 - 182

Make Hirst Park Playing fields a no dog area

Over 200 young people between 8 and 17 use Hirst park playing fields every week to enjoy organised grass routes football. Each week coaches pick up over 30 doggy bags full of dog mess before and during games to ensure NFA requirements are met and to keep our young people safe. The lack of respect from dog owners and unwillingness to clean up after their dogs is becoming a major concern. Please make this a no dog area and keep gates locked so the children of Ashington and surrounding areas can enjoy playing football at the heart of Ashington without this hazard.

Opened for signatures on 19.01.2022
Closed for signatures on 22.02.2022
Number of signatures as at 22.02.2022 - 278

View closed e-petitions 2021

Speed Calming Measures along South Newsham Road (B1523)

The B1523 road needs to have speed calming measures in place as the majority of road users do not abide by the speed limit, there have been several RTA and I feel it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident to a member of the public in the recent weeks I have witnessed two near misses on the road which involved children on their way home from school.
Not only the high speeds, which is a massive issue we also have the additional volume of traffic from all the new builds in this area along with the extra traffic which will happen when the train link is operational the road is ridiculously busy now, can you imagine how bad it will be with this additional traffic morning and night.

Opened for signatures on 25.11.2021
Closed for signatures on 26.01.2022
Number of signatures as at 26.01.2022 - 78

Dogs must be on a leash on Newbiggin Promenade

Make it law that all dogs to be on a leash on Newbiggin Promenade. Signs to be put up so people are aware.  Dog owners issued with a fine who has their dog off a lead.

I walk along the prom every day and see it happen every time with dogs off leash running wild going up to other dogs who on a leash causing them to fight. Tonight I was verbally abused by a very aggressive owner the language was disgusting I was frightened and shaking this all could of been avoided if it was law about dogs on a leash.

Opened for signatures on 01.10.2021
Closed for signatures on 12.01.2022
Number of signatures as at 12.01.2022 - 106

Community campaign to amend the use of Military Road B6318

We are calling on the community and visitors from the A68 Stagshaw Roundabout to Heddon on the Wall to support our request to improve road safety on the B6318. We are asking for reduced speed limits, improved signage, distinctive road markings, restricted overtaking and for HGV and quarry wagons to be restricted to access only.
We have raised concerns with our local councillor, MP, Northumbria Police, Highways Improvement Team, Planning department and Area Transport manager at Tarmac in relation to safety concerns for all vehicles and wagons driving at night and driving dangerously.

HGV Usage
Due to the volume of Quarry HGV’s driving the Military Road B6318 especially at night and as stipulated within the planning permission requirements for quarry usage within “Northumberland’s mineral local plan 2020”
3.41 should not transport material along minor roads which would cause unacceptable disturbance to local communities and the environment
3.42 If these effects would have direct impacts on local communities and could not be ameliorated to an acceptable degree through planning conditions then the minerals operation should not be permitted.

Safety concerns
Due to an estimated 16 serious accidents over the last 2-3years between the roundabout A68/B6318 and Heddon on the Wall and increased residents now living along the military road B6318 we are petitioning to introduce new speed limits as shown
Harlow Hill - 30mph - Village now contains over 20 dwellings (as required to reduce to 30mph), Mixed use Horse riders (and access to Stables), Cyclists and over 10k walkers/Year next to carriage way.  Village also has 5 access points now and accident zone.  Noise concerns with traffic at unhealthy levels (85db +)
East Wall Houses - 40mph - Previous fatality, New business's at Vallum Farm creating increase slowing traffic and 7 residential properties and 8 access points and mixed use as Harlow Hill.
Halton Shields - 40mph - 14 residential properties, Hadrian's wall crossing point,  Noise concerns with traffic at unhealthy levels (85db +)
Two Hoots Junction - 40mph - 2 serious accidents over the last few months (one resident of Harlow Hill), restricted visibility, mixed use as Harlow Hill, 3 properties and main cut through to A69 turning.
Opened for signatures on 19.10.2021
Closed for signatures on 01.12.2021
Signatures as of 01.12.2021 - 62

Protect our loved ones remove badgers safely

Safely remove badgers from the cemetery and place deterrents around the perimeter to prevent more devastation.
Opened for signatures on 17.08.2021
Closed for signatures on 18.10.2021
Number of signatures as at 18.10.2021 - 642

No parking available

Esmeralda gardens, seghill is a street with 8 homes and 1 narrow road. Each house has either one or two cars per house hold with nowhere to park or turn around. This results in numerous cars having to park on the grass. As a street we would love to have a section of the grass removed and turned into parking bays. It would be a huge help to the street. 

Opened for signatures on 07.06.21
Closed for signatures on 06.10.21
Number of signatures as at 06.10.21 - 0
(Issue being considered outside the petition process).

Review of School Transport Arrangements for Rural Communities

This petition requests that the Council review current transport services and works with public service transport companies to ensure school transportation in the area meets the needs of the community and gives more choice to our children and their education.
If your child attends a school not within the catchment area for your postcode, the current policy of the Council is not to provide transport unless certain criteria are met. You are therefore reliant on either Public Transport or making alternative arrangements to take your child to school. Currently, the 688 Hexham to Allendale/Allenheads provides a bus service from Allenheads at 06:31 and 09:41. The service which runs in-between terminates at Allendale, returning to Hexham at 07:50. Any parents who live further up the valley, have to transport their children by car to Allendale to catch the service bus. A number of other parents have also stated that services to schools do not take into account children who may do extra-curricular activities after school. Whilst the Council have made it clear that no changes will be made in the provision of transport outside of a school catchment area, they surely have a responsibility to work with public transport companies to ensure that school children have services running at the right times and to and from the correct locations (where feasible).
People should have a choice as to where their child goes to school and in rural areas especially, appropriate transport and subsidised tickets are the only means to giving those children a choice. The Council try to encourage environmentally-friendly ways of travelling to school with their ‘Go Smarter Northumberland’ initiative and yet there appears to be a disconnect between this and the current working arrangements with Public Services.

Opened for signatures on 07.07.21
Closed for signatures on 01.09.21
Number of signatures as at 01.09.21 - 109

Wylam Right of way path closure: Stephenson Terrace to Country Park repair riverbank subsidence

Path has been closed by NCC from the end of Stephenson terrace Wylam to the Newburn Country Park since 2013 due to Riverbank erosion ​on land owned by Wylam Parish Council, near Tom and Joes Garden Nurseries. Existing fences have been broken down numerous times. Safety hazard as people still go along the dangerous path. NCC to repair Riverbank and restore footpath so route is reopened.  The riverbank erosion and ground stability of the land upon which the footpath runs is also affecting the private access road for the adjoining Garden Nurseries business. 

Opened for signatures on 26.04.21
Closed for signatures on 16.08.21
Number of signatures as at 16.08.21 - 482

View closed e-petitions 2019/20

Disabled Access to Hillside, Briar Hill, Bridge ford View, Callister's Court and any new development from Bellingham centre.

Currently the only footway provision from the estates off the Pennine Way, listed above, to Bellingham's shops, bus service, churches and other facilities is via one of 3 footpath's through Hillside which all include steps and steep slopes. Before allowing further development up this steep hill, the council should provide or require developers to provide a wheelchair accessible footpath or pavement.

Opened for signatures on 25 March 2021
Closed for signatures on 26 April 2021
Number of signatures on 26 April 2021 : 2

Funding for transport from Belford to Alnwick Duchess high school for all eligible aged children (11-16)​

We the parents of Belford children would like funded transportation for the children attending duchess high school in Alnwick, following the transition of the Belford first school changing over into the 2 tier system. We feel this should have been done at the point of change from first to primary status and feel it’s dragging on to long with no hope insight. We as parents would like this petition to be signed by everyone in the hopes we raise some form of resolution faster.
Please sign and help the cause.
Thank you for taken time to read this, this means a lot to us here in Belford trying to get what’s best for the next generation.

Opened for signatures on 13 October 2020
Number of signatures as at 25 March 2021 - 2

Planning enforcement action in Lynemouth

We regard the action taken by this council to impose planning enforcement procedures on over 60 residents in Lynemouth to be unfair and disproportionate.  In the midst of a global pandemic, this action disregards this council's duty of care towards the health and wellbeing of its constituents.

Residents are already suffering financially and proceding with this action at this time will cause  not only further financial hardship for many, but also poses a threat to mental and physical wellbeing. 

Whilst the action may be governed by national legislation, we ask this Council Administration to:

1.  Consider whether there are any discretionary powers at local level to address the problem

2.  Recognise the financial pressure  this puts on people at this current time

3.  Acknowledge that it has a duty of care to residents and at the very least extend the timescales on any enforcement until such times when residents can meet with any such professional bodies as they need to in order to produce the relevant applications, plans etc

Opened for signatures on 15 February 2021
Number of signatures as at 11 March 2021 - 147
Petition closed for signatures on 11 March 2021

To stop the asset transfer of derelict toilets to Newbiggin Town Council 

Newbiggin Town Council held a meeting on 18 November and voted for (3 for only 2 against), the proposed asset transfer of the derelict toilets next to the Cresswell Arms Public House, Newbiggin from Northumberland County Council. This petition is opposed to the asset transfer and redevelopment of a new toilet block at this location to be paid for by Newbiggin residents and instead wants this eyesore demolished and the site cleared. We believe that this best represents the views of local residents who have not been consulted on this matter.

Opened for signatures on 3 December 2020
This petiton closed for signatures on Wednesday 3 February 2021 
 Number of signatures received as at 3 February 2021 - 185

Do not grant planning permission for dwelling South of Centurion Way. Heddon on the Wall

We wish to register our objection to plans that have been submitted to Northumberland County Council (Application no.20/03389/FUL )  for four dwellings to be built in an area with “Outstanding long range views” on land South of Centurion Way. Heddon on the Wall. We ask NCC not to grant permission to build.
These views are enjoyed by the whole village community and would no be longer visible to the public if built. This ‘view’ and the benches provided by the mining institute to enjoy it, are part of our mining, cultural and village heritage.
The roads leading to the development would increase traffic and air pollution to a road system which was not designed for the current amount of traffic or parking and further endanger children playing outside and increase likelihood of damage to vehicles.   

Opened for signatures on 6 November 2020
Number of signatures as at 30 November 2020 - 84
The petition closed on Monday 30 November 2020

Speeding Vehicles in Stakeford​

For many years, the residents of Stakeford have endured the noise, disruption and damage caused by speeding vehicles.
Residents welcome the fact that road safety works will commence on the A1147 in Stakeford, once the current Coronavirus allows road improvements to recommence, however they are not aware of any road safety improvements proposed for the stretch of road between the roundabout in Stakeford and the roundabout in Guide Post.
Residents request that Northumberland County Council look at this issue urgently and that proposals are given to residents, within a reasonable time scale, for road safety measures along Stakeford Lane.
Opened for signatures on 14 May 2020
Number of signatures as of 26 June 2020 - 85
This petition closed on 26 June 2020

Protect Hexham's historic centre. Take action against shops that do not go through planning permission for signage in Hexham's conservation area

We are seeing increasing numbers of shops opening in Hexham that have vinyl and plastic signs. These are completely out of keeping with the character of the Conservation Area (as per NCC's own guidelines). NCC must start taking decisive action against these businesses and force them to change their signage. They are a slap in the face to businesses who invest time and money in the planning process and have businesses that positively enhance the town.   
Opened for signatures on 22 January 2020
Signatures as of 26 June 2020 - 11
This petition closed on 26 June 2020


Details of e-petitions that closed during 2019/20:

AFC Newbiggin Football Club

AFC Newbiggin Football Club are working towards having their own facilities, pitches for Juniors mini soccer, nine aside, 11 aside and Seniors working towards Step 7. We have the funding in place and require the support of Northumberland County Council, so are requesting a £170,000 contribution to fill the gap shortfall as they have done with similar projects.

Opened for signatures on 6 February 2020
Number of signatures: 165
Closed on 6 March 2020

Public Footpath from Seaton Vale to NCEA School

There are hundreds of children aged 3-18 who live on the estate and attend the Northumberland Church of England Academy (NCEA). At present these children, accompanied by parents / childminders / carers etc have to walk at least 2.1 miles (40 minutes) to get to the school.  The development and children would benefit from a pathway being installed from the main road in the development to the back fields of the school.  This would result in having to walk approximately 0.3 miles and would take about 5 minutes. At present they are also walking along the black path which is mainly flooded, overgrown and dangerous in the winter nights.  

Opened for signatures on 14 January 2020
Signatures: 171


Basketball Court at Ridley Park, Blyth

I would like to propose the building of a Basketball court within Ridley Park, we do not have one within walking distance, Basketball is an ever increasing sport and we should encourage all activities that promote the health of our kids. 

Opened for signatures on 19 September 2019
Signatures: 7


Request for a one way street - Cheviot View, Prudhoe

Cheviot view is a very busy street, not only with cars but children playing too, cars parked on one side of the road due to lack of parking spaces which makes using the road very difficult. There are no passing places available if a car is coming towards you. The street is made up of a circle so a one way street would be beneficial to all houses, road users and children.

Opened for signatures on 10 September 2019
Signatures: 37

Improvements to the bridleway from South Lane/North Sunderland to Primary School and Nursery Side Gate, Seahouses

In 2017 Seahouses Primary School and Nursery “Busy Bees” were moved to the new location (old Middle school). The school was upgraded with new paths and one new entrance through bridleway to highway. Until this time this path was very rarely used mainly people waking dogs etc. Now in school times it became one of the busiest paths in Seahouses/North Sunderland used by people walking children to and from school it is 20 minutes quicker than going around through the Main Street. This path is in very poor condition covered with sharp stones, weeds, puddles. It was inspected last year and one of the officers said it’s still usable. Nobody agrees with it - parents with prams, trolleys can’t go over this path, when cycling two people can’t pass each other without going of the bike and stopping, Children can’t use their scooters little bikes, balance bikes etc as their colleagues coming from James Street can. There is no day when accidents aren’t happening there. Kids tripping over cutting legs, arms hands and have to get separate shoes to walk through it. It’s not council and not private but its used by hundred people and children every day and needs to be upgraded so it’s safe and usable for prams bikes etc.

Opened for signatures on 3 September 2019
Number of signatures as of 1 November 2019: 115 (electronic), 130 (paper); total - 245. 
Closed on 7 November 2019

Cumberland/Westmorland tree and bush reduction 

We are petitioning to the council for the removal of the trees and bushes located around the field of westmorland and Cumberland avenue in Bedlington, we have had many accidents and near misses involving the children of the streets as the view around the field is extremely limited from both the houses and cars and the children can not always be seen at a distance. There are many children in the street and there is a constant stream of cars some of which do not care for the speed limit, making it a lot more dangerous for the children. 

Opened for signatures on 19 July 2019
Signatures received: 5


Please help us improve Seaton Vale roundabout 

As residents of Seaton Vale we are disgusted by the appearance of the roundabout at the junction at Harrington Way as you come to enter the estate. Ashington has some beautiful roundabouts but this one is not only unsightly, it is dangerous and overgrown. We have discussed this issue with Persimmon and I know our local councillor Jim Lang was trying to resolve this for us. 
We are proud of our community and as residents we have purchased planters to sit under our street signs and as a community we come together to try to make the estate a better and prettier place to live. 
We would love some support to help develop our roundabout, the make it look more inviting and inkeeping with others in Ashington. We do feel it is a health and safety hazard. It is overgrown and we have seen children playing in it. It is also so overgrown it is difficult to see what is coming. 
Many thanks for your help. 

Closed on 12 September 2019
Signatures received: 98


Climate Emergency

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in their recent report stated that if the planet wants to avert dangerous climate breakdown, we need to cut emissions in half by 2030, and hit zero by the middle of the century.

We call on Northumberland County Council to commit to reducing emissions from its own estate and activities. The IPCC’s report suggests that the world has just a dozen years left to restrict global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Should they increase by 2 degrees, humanity’s capacity to prevent catastrophic food shortages, floods, droughts, extreme heat and poverty will be severely impaired. Limiting Global Warming to 1.5 may still be possible, but only with ambitious action from national and sub-national authorities, civil society, the private sector, and local communities. Furthermore, bold climate action can deliver economic benefits in terms of new jobs, economic savings and market opportunities.

We call upon Northumberland County Council to:
1) Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’;
2) Pledge to make Northumberland County Council carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption emissions;
3) Call on Westminster to provide the powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible;
4) Continue to work with partners across the county and region to deliver this new goal through all relevant strategies;
5) Report to Council within six months with an action plan identifying what steps the Council will take to address this emergency.
6) Establish a committee of people representing local groups to oversee the action plan.

Closed on: 26 June 2019

Signatures: 633

Lead petitioner: Peter Fuller

Latest position: a report was produced for the Petitions Committee meeting on 31 July 2019; the committee agreed with the recommendations.

Enough is Enough - say NO to more new housing development on Station Road, Stannington

We are requesting Northumberland County Council to reject all existing and future planning applications for new housing developments on Station Road, Stannington. Over the past 2-3 years, 9 housing development proposals have been approved on Station Road, Stannington which will result in an approximate 90% increase in housing and significant and unacceptable damage to the Greenbelt.  The 4 additional planning applications recently submitted will take this to an approximate 140% increase. This is unjustified and disproportionate for a small rural settlement. Please support our petition and help save Station Road and its Greenbelt from further destruction.

Closes on: 15 February 2019
Signatures: 33 
Lead petitioner: Ted Hall

Stop the introduction of parking charges at Tyne Riverside Country Park, Prudhoe and Prudhoe Railway Station 

NCC is planning to introduce parking charges at Tyne Riverside Country Park, Prudhoe and Prudhoe Railway Station. This sends out all the wrong signals. This will hit the environment and public health, is this what the council wants? It will reduce the number of people using public transport as it will tip the balance in favour of driving into Newcastle, so more cars are on the road. This will add to environmental pollution, at a time when the aim should be to increase the use of public transport. It is wrong to put a charge on this area when there is deprivation and poor transport. 

Lots of people use Tyne Riverside Country Park for recreation. Dog walkers and those wanting to keep fit will be penalised for keeping active, with the parking charges, we should be trying to encourage people to get out into the countryside and keep fit, it will reduce obesity, heart disease, diabetes and promote good mental health. Introducing a charge will hit and discourage those that are trying to keep fit and healthy. Given the current concerns about obesity, mental health and exercise, this really is a retrograde step and would seem to demonstrate that the council has little regard for public health in the County.

Please sign this petition to demonstrate to the council that people do not want this charge introduced, which will lead to all the negative consequences outlined. 

Closed on: 4 January 2019
Lead petitioner: Charles Brown
View closed e-petitions 201920  (Continued 2 of 2)

Help save our Faldo Drive Green, Seaton Vale​

The Resident's Group on Seaton Vale estate are extremely disappointed at the most recent plans to build on the green area near Faldo Drive at the entrance to the estate. This is the main green area and is the only space where our children can play football and run freely; where football practice and  community events including our summer picnics are held;  where residents come together to spend time as a community and is constantly used by our families and children. Open spaces contribute to supporting people's mental health and children's wellbeing.

The plan also removes a car park which is used by residents due to poor parking facilities provided on the estate which could result in people starting to park on the road which would be a safety issue.

The builder states they enhance the local community in which they build and they help to fund green open spaces. We feel they are doing the opposite and taking this away. There is a total lack of consideration for the wellbeing of residents on the estate. People who live near green spaces are happier and healthier and access to green space is associated with less stress and a lower likelihood of obesity.

The estate is just getting bigger and bigger and there is plenty of land for them to build on but please help us SAVE our essential green spaces.

Opened for signatures on 27 April 2020
Number of signatures as of 12 May 2020: 176

Closure of Narrowgate, Alnwick

Narrowgate has been closed for 7 months and we believe it is negatively affecting trade in Bondgate Within. 

Please sign this petition to have Narrowgate opened to traffic. 

Opened for signatures on 12 March 2020
Number of signatures as of 12 May 2020: 64

Stop further building of luxury housing on Bedlington's green spaces

Bedlington has become a building site without an infrastructure. Our schools and GP's are already full to capacity and we have no leisure facilities to offer. Our roads are already congested, with roundabouts at a stand still at peak times. The 500 planned houses heading towards Stakeford will themselves bring a potential thousand new cars onto those roads, to add to the already build new houses at Netherton and the planned 47 houses, mostly 4 bed-roomed, at Bedlington Golf course. This town is fast becoming a commuter town, with no facilities. We need to prevent any further housing being built. Bedlington has already more than filled its quota for the required new builds in Northumberland.

Opened for signatures on 10 October 2019
Signatures as of 12 May 2020: 30

Solar Panels on all new build homes in Northumberland

This is a petition to ask that as part of the recently declared Climate Emergency, all new build homes in Northumberland to be build with 4kWp of solar photovoltaics installed.
The impacts of this will be: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as the solar will generate roughly the same amount of electricity used within the homes (not counting electrical heating); creation and protection of jobs in solar installation companies within the region; and reduction of electricity bills for homeowners of approximately £300/year/home.
This can be achieved through amending local planning legislation to require 85% of (non heating) net electricity to come from on-site renewables, a simple modification of the Merton Rule (which usually asks for 10%), which has existed since 2010 and has been used by many Local Authorities across the UK. The impact of this will be to strengthen the local supply chain, increasing employment and reducing the costs of solar installations for local existing homes and businesses through increased competition.
There is no legislation from central government which could prevent this, as the Deregulation Bill, which could have removed these powers from Local Authorities, never completed its passage through parliament. In order to be effective, this policy would need to be enacted immediately. Northumberland council have all the powers necessary to immediately implement this.

Opened for signatures on 3 October 2019
Signatures as of 12 May 2020: 112  

Details of e-petitions that closed during 2019/20:
Shorten school summer holidays, increase Christmas holidays

This is a petition to shorten the six weeks holidays for schools in Northumberland. I have checked the Parliament petitions and they state that local councils have control over any changes made to school routine and hours in their own areas.
Six weeks away from school is a long time for children who are used to the routine, and enjoy the environment of school. It is also a long time for working parents to arrange time off work or additional expenses of childcare.
Four weeks is an ideal break in the summer, giving children and families time off together to rest and enjoy the better weather. The additional two weeks could be broken up, giving an extra week in the spring break, and an additional week around Christmas, when families spend more time together.

Opened for signatures on 6 September 2019
Signatures as of 12 May 2020: 48


Petitions closed during 2018:

Eastwoods Park Footpath

Prudhoe Plodders Running Club have just started a junior club, the only children's running club in Prudhoe, and use the park to train.

The park is heavily used by families and dog walkers, however there is only a partial path running along two sides of the path. We would like a lit footpath running along the perimeter of the park to allow people to continue to use the park in the early evening winter months. It is hoped this could double up as a running track to allow the running club to expand and be able to take more children as Prudhoe Plodders has been unable to secure a lit place to train over the winter.

There has also been evidence of antisocial behaviour in the park, increasing in the winter months such as dog fouling on the football pitches, littering, evidence of alcohol and drug misuse. By providing a few extra hours of light, it is hoped this will reduce.

Closed on: 10 December 2018
Signatures: 274
Lead petitioner: Holly Kelleher

Reduce Speeding of Motorbikes and Cars on Highfield Drive

Between the hours of 11pm and 3am motorbikes speed up and down this road. Not only are the bike engines so loud, but the speed they go I fear one of these days I will have a motorbike in my car windscreen or my livingroom. Through the day cars speed down this residential street, where children play. I refuse to let my daughter out on this road as an accident will happen one of these days. Even more so with the blind bend there is on the street that the cars speed round

Closed on: 3 October 2018


Stop proposed parking restrictions at Alnmouth Station and Surrounding Areas 

In April 2014 residents of Lesbury were asked to take part in a democratic vote for parking restrictions around Alnmouth Station. We voted overwhelmingly against them. Now 4 years later Northumberland Council see fit to completely ignore the democratic process and instill their own ill thought out solution to parking problems at Alnmouth. The only solution to insufficient parking at the station is to provide more, not to penalise and charge residents for the success of the station.

Closed on 12 July 2018

Signatures: 13

Proposer: Mr Geoff Potts


Save Wark Church of England First School

This petition is in response to Northumberland County Council’s West Northumberland School Consultation.

In all three proposals put forward by the Council, Wark C of E First School has been potentially earmarked for closure depending upon the outcome of the consultation.

Wark C of E First School is a vital part of our rural community, giving our children the best start in life from preschool age and providing optional wraparound care to support working families. It has strong support from the Diocese and 100% of parents would recommend our school to others.

The school is consistently rated GOOD  by OFSTED and SIAMS. A broad, enriched curriculum is provided and each child is treated as an individual with individual learning plans. The budgeting forecast to 2020/21 is in surplus and the school is thriving, as are its pupils. Wark First School is dynamic, easily adapting to change and can prove it is viable to work in both a 2 tier or 3 tier system given the chance.

Closure would drive families away, destroying the surrounding community and businesses within. Our children would not receive the educational needs in keeping with their rural upbringing and would throw away a school providing the very best education and support. It also removes the choice of a faith school in the local area. Therefore we cannot accept any of the three proposals to close Wark Church of England First School and the purpose of this petition is to keep our school open and demonstrate the support we have.

Signatories: 433 

Closeds on 8 April 2018

Proposer: Mrs N Nichol

Objection to the Continued Temporary Closure of Public Footpath no. 22, Park Lane to Stanley Burn, Prudhoe

Public footpath no.22 closure notice was issued in January 2017 for a 6 month period. The closure was then extended to October 2017. The closure has now been extended again until 30 April 2019. Closures have been granted to enable development of the old hospital site by Gentoo. Gentoo have stated that they will re-open the path periodically during the current closure period but no dates have been provided.

Footpath no.22 is a valued and well used path by the local community, its closure is denying safe access to a wider network of paths for recreational use. Moor Road provides alternative access but is used by heavy construction traffic servicing Gentoo’s development.

A 2 years, 3  month closure period can not reasonably be considered as ‘temporary.’ Gentoo has continually failed to meet its own targets and honour promises given to the community. Petitioners have lost faith and trust in Gentoo and their assurance to periodically open the path and therefore request that Northumberland County Council:

1) revoke the current excessive and unreasonable temporary closure;
2) require Gentoo to provide safe access across the site (similar to that provided by Story Homes at their Crawcrook development).
3) Significantly reduce any future temporary closure periods.

Signatories: 204. ​
Closed on 31 December 2017

Regeneration of Ashington Town Centre
Object to the decision to withdraw the new County Hall project from being built in Ashington.  We demand a similar major development project to be realised for Ashington Town to ensure we protect and revitalise current businesses and harvest in additional major investors to create quality jobs with decent wages.

Signatories: 243 
Closed on: 27 December 2017

Proposer: Mr K Ellis

All of our recently closed e-petitions are shown below. You can view signatures on recent e-petitions here.

Request for an All Weather Concrete Skate Park as part of revamp, Eastwood Park, West Wylam

Concerns for children's safety when travelling to and from Highfield Park along dangerous roads used by speeding vehicles. This matter needs to be resolved before an accident occurs.

Signatories: 86 

Closed on: 8 December 2017

Proposer: Mr S Hutchinson

Please provide storage for beach wheelchairs at Blyth South Beach

Beach Access North East provides free of charge, access to beach wheelchairs at Blyth South Beach. We need storage for these to be located at the beach, so other volunteers can increase the days when these are available to members of the public to use. We cannot buy a larger range of equipment to improve the accessibility to this beach without storage at the beach. We need at a minimum a 2m square, secure, vandal proof container but would prefer more room. We can provide the container, we need the council to give permission and to provide hard standing at a location near to or on the promenade/car park.

Signatories: 10 

Closed on: 14 November 2017

Proposer: Caroline Corfield

Street Lighting, Moor Road, Prudhoe

We the undersigned request that Northumberland county Council install and maintain appropriate street lighting to Moor Road between Moor Grange and the entrance to Humbles Wood/Fern Dene Hospital. (Grid ref 10/61&62 ordnance survey pathfinder 548). Currently there is no street lighting on this under maintained, dark narrow road. The footpath is heavily populated by woodland and used by residents, visitors and hospital staff 24 hours per day. We believe this is a huge safety concern which needs to addressed urgently for the following reasons;

  • To provide a safe and convenient pedestrian route between houses and local community facilities.
  • Create a safe route for vehicular movement and enable residents/staff needs for statutory and other services to be met efficiently. 
  • Safeguarding of minors walking to school.
As a full transport statement, plan and framework should have been conducted and agreed at planning stages with Humbles Wood being over 50 dwellings, failure to provide adequate street lighting for a residential route is a huge oversight and should be addressed.

This road is now classed as a double carriage way with a 30mph speed restriction, so is no longer a country lane. Therefore appropriate street lighting in recognition of this being an adopted road should be installed.

25 Million pound was made available for a lighting renewal program in Northumberland, and yet we are advised none of this is available for new street lighting.

Signatories: 156

Closed on: 2 November 2017

Proposer: Mrs L Rusby

​Installation of Speed Cameras and Traffic Calming in Rothesay and Victoria Terrace, Bedlington

After the death of a friend, caused by a speeding motorist along Victoria/Rothesay Terrace, it's about time the route from Bedlington Station to Stead Lane had some traffic calming measures installed along this route to prevent another tragedy.

Signatories: 1198 (316 electronic signatures, 882 paper signatures)
Closed on 26 October 2017

Request for traffic calming, monitoring of speed limit and weight/size restrictions on Hallstile Bank, Hexham

The 20mph signs on Hallstile Bank, a residential street in Hexham are not being adhered to. Traffic speeds down the bank from very early in the morning and well into the night. Anti Social behaviour with revving cars occurs daily. Lorries and buses (up to 2.55 m wide) navigate a bend on the steep bank, when the road width is 3.05m (narrowest section) with a footpath only on one side.

We, the undersigned, petition Northumberland County Council to review current usage of the road, consider restricting the size / weight of vehicles using the bank and install traffic monitoring and calming measures to ensure it is used safely and considerately.

Signatories: 109
Closed on: 20 October 2017


Fair Play for Craster and its Visitors

Craster Parish Council believes the County Council should create a ring fenced fund for the provision of tourist facilities in Craster, and to finance measures to cater for and manage tourists visiting the parish, by a levy to be added to the existing car park charges. This fund should be divided with 10% going to the County Council for administration, 20% to the Ward Councillor to increase the allowance to cater for tourists in the adjacent parishes and the remaining 70% for projects identified by the Parish Council. It is proposed that the levy is 50p on the hourly rates and £1.00 on the daily rate taking the charges to £1.00 for one hour, £1.50 for two hours, £2.00 for three hours and £3.00 for all day.

Signatories: 12 electronic signatures and 212 handwritten signatures (224 total). 
Closed on: 13 March 2017

Latest position: a response was considered by the Petitions Committee.

Save West Bedlington from more housing, equal the amount to all areas

We the undersigned call upon Northumberland County Council and Arch to stop further house building on land they own in the West Bedlington area and look at areas in the defined Bedlington area of the core strategy (Bedlington Station, East Sleekburn, Hartford, Nedderton and Cambois) where housing is wanted and supported.

NCC have stated via the core strategy that 1280 homes need to be built in the defined Bedlington area by 2031, however recent planning permissions show this target looks to be delivered by 2020 at the latest in Bedlington as a settlement alone as the majority of houses have been built in the west area.

We call on NCC to stop house building in only West Bedlington and Make it more equal to all areas of Bedlington as stated which is Bedlington Station, East Sleekburn, Hartford and Nedderton.

Signatories: 27 electronic signatures
Closed on: Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Current situation: Submitted into consultation on the Core Strategy.

Lower Speed on Edendale Avenue, Blyth

Lower speed on Edendale Avenue, people speed more going down that road from bridge at Deanview Drive all the way along Edendale to Briardale Road. The problem apart from speeding is kids play in street and elderly people live at bottom. It is hard to cross road when cars are speeding and half of cars do not slow down by bungalows are as there is sharp bend.

Signatories: 58 electronic signatures 

Status: Closed 
Closed on: 31 January 2017 at 12 Noon

Current situation: a report responding to the e-petition was considered by the Area Committee - South on 15 March 2017. The request for a 20 mph speed limit has been added to the Directory of Requests database for consideration in a future LTP (Local Transport Plan) programme.
Details of petitions closed in 2016:


Blyth Save Our Sea Wall

We the undersigned request that Northumberland County Council support the residents against the closure of Blyth Valley Footpath 197. This footpath has been used by local residents and countless visitors for many years to escape from the beach at high tide and we are vehemently opposed to its closure.

Signatories: 5 electronic signatures (180 signatures on accompanying paper petition)
Closed on: 31 December 2016

Current situation: the Rights of Way Committee agreed at its meeting on 10 January 2017 that rights of way access were not considered to exist over the route.

​Petitions Committee

The Petitions Committee's role is to consider those petitions of a corporate or county wide nature which do not fall within the remit of the local area councils, planning and other regulatory committees (petitions about planning or licensing applications may not be considered), and to make appropriate recommendations to full Council, the Cabinet, or other committees, or on matters delegated to officers depending upon the subject matter.

The committee can also consider petitions about local issues in exceptional circumstances when agreed by the Chair. The relevant Cabinet member and division member(s) are invited to attend as non-voting members. Its meetings are scheduled to take place on a quarterly basis each year.

Click here to find details of recent or upcoming meetings of the Petitions Committee.

Save Cleveland School, Newbiggin-By-The-Sea

This petition is to save Cleveland School for community use while safeguarding the heritage and conservation area of the village.

Signatories: 157
Closed on 9 November 2016

Current situation: both this e-petition and another petition about the Cleveland School site have been forwarded to Strategic Estates and and Planning Services to consider during consultation on the next steps for the future of the site.

Parking at Barley Rise, Ashington

This petition is to make the Barley Rise housing area a permit holders only parking area to stop people parking here visiting Wansbeck Hospital which would stop the current traffic issues.

Signatories: 52 
Closed on: 27 August 2016
Current situation: consultation to be arranged about residents' views on a parking scheme.

Unnecessary Extension of Malvins Road Closure Order and
Surface Water Flooding Problems

We the undersigned believe that the housing developer, Gleeson Homes, should minimise the period Malvins Road is closed to public traffic. The further extension for one year of the current closure order enables the housing development company to install services and surface water drainage without taking the clearance of surface water flooding at the edge of this site into consideration. We demand that either Malvins Road is reopened immediately or that the developer and the landowners implement a full shared surface water drainage scheme to remove the public nuisance and danger caused by the landfill of this development site.

Signatories: 173 electronic signatures
Closed on: 31 May 2016

Current situation: a response to the petition was considered by the Area Committee - South on Wednesday 13 July 2016 at 6pm at Choppington Social Welfare Centre. The committee noted the information in the report and agreed that the ward member be kept informed of progress.

Save Druridge

We have a love and a passion for Druridge Bay in Northumberland, England, and the surrounding
area. Please join us in our endeavour to save this beautiful landscape from becoming a victim of
open cast mining, in particular the 'Highthorn' proposed site, and sign our petition now.

Signatories: 5,788 electronic signatures as of 31 May 2016 (3,950 at 31 March 2015) (paper signatures have also been received, plus a separate electronc petition of 9,000 signatures has also been received).
Closed on: 31 May 2016

Current situation: a planning application on this matter was considered by the Council's Strategic Planning Committee on Tuesday 5 July at 2pm at County Hall, Morpeth. It was resolved that the committee be minded to approve the application subject to the conditions set out in the report and the completion of a S106 agreement relating to the reasons detailed in the report.

Support Opencast Mining at Highthorn

Mining is a part of the cultural heritage of the North East and we respect and value this area of
employment. We fully support the proposal to opencast the area identified close to Druridge Bay in
Northumberland. The development of this site will maintain and create jobs for local people.
Continued employment will enable those individuals to be able to provide for their families and
contribute to the local economy. Due to the high level of redundancies in other sectors of
employment in Northumberland, it is essential we create job prospects where possible. The use of coal is essential in being able to generate electricity. As a country we do not have the facilities to meet the demands for electricity without using coal and as a result of this we currently have to import much of the coal we need. Let us keep the industry local and let local people benefit.

Signatories: 153 as of 31 May 2016 (142 as at 31 March 2015)
Closed on: 31 May 2016

Current situation: a planning application on this matter was considered by the Council's Strategic Planning Committee on Tuesday 5 July at 2pm at County Hall, Morpeth. It was resolved that the committee be minded to approve the application subject to the conditions set out in the report and the completion of a S106 agreement relating to the reasons detailed in the report.


Save The Willows

This is a petition to protest at Northumberland County Council's intention to demolish the fine mid
Victorian buildings on Gas House Lane, Morpeth known as the Willows & Beechfield. We would also
like to demonstrate our concern at the Library being located to the much smaller premises of what is
currently the Chantry Craft Centre.

Signatories: 669 electronic signatures, plus a 348 paper petiton (1017 in total) 
Closed on 9 December 2015
Proposer: David Clark
Current situation: A report was considered by the Area Committee - Central in January 2016.  

Oppose fracking in Northumberland

From the mammals, birds and marine life to the plants and smallest insects, the entire ecological
security of our beautiful Northumberland has worldwide importance. It is at risk.

Fracking would contaminate drinking water supplies. It introduces toxic chemicals, carcinogenic
hydrocarbons and radioactive matter into the natural food chain. The biodiversity that is already
stressed from pollution, pesticides and climate change will be under threat.

The government report that suggests shale gas is clean energy is untrustworthy, produced in part by
people with financial interests in the energy industry. Investment in fracking would be better spent
on renewable energy that will reduce carbon emissions and be less toxic to our home. The council has already recognised Northumberland has potential to become a world leader in renewable energy.

We understand the financial incentives for utilising shale gas, but the real cost to our environment is
too high. We petition Northumberland County Council to take the lead in England and have a policy
to refuse all planning applications from any party for shale gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing, and
similar methods.

Signatories: 104 as of 25 November 2015 (91 as of 31 March 2015)
Status: Closed on 25 November
Proposer: Rachael Roberts
Current situation: this e-petition was considered by the council's petitions committee at its last meeting on 16 February 2016. The committee agreed to note the information in the officer's report regarding the postition with  fracking in relation to Northumberland.  

Save Bebside from the threat of opencast mining

We petition Northumberland County Council to protect Hathery Lane and the surrounding area from
the threat of opencast mining. Owing to the devastating impact of mining on the local environment
and the health problems, traffic issues, and pollution associated with it; we feel that Blyth should be
embracing a 'greener' future.

Paramount to this objection, we would like the council to recognise the ecological importance of
Hathery Lane and its significance within the local community.

Signatories: 224 (as of 4 October 2015; 222 as of 31 March 2015)
Closed on 4th October 2015
Proposer: Sally Pattison Latest position: this e-petition was reported to planning and will be considered among representations received. It is a planning matter so is not taken through the council’s petitioning procedure but considered in relation to any planning application about the issue. The application will be considered by the Strategic Planning Committee on 5 July 2016 at 2pm.

Save Embleton First School

The proposed closure of Vincent Edwards School, Embleton: We ask the council to keep Vincent
Edwards School, Embleton open as a viable Primary School within the restructured Alnwick

Signatories: 125 as of 22 October 2015
Closed on 22 October 2015
Proposer: Georgina Armstrong Latest position: this e-petition will be considered by scrutiny and cabinet among other letters of representation. As this is in response to a council consultation, it is not taken through the council’s petitioning procedure


Stop the new executive homes at the top of Emily Davison Avenue, Morpeth

Four new executive homes have been proposed at the top of Emily Davison Avenue, wiping out a
cul-de-sac designed for children to play with. The streets were not designed to cope with the extra
traffic. Not only this, but the building work would be a major inconvenience due to the narrow
streets and obvious disturbance to residents. Thank you in advance for your support!

Signatories: 17 as of 29 September 2015
Closed on 29 September 2015
Proposer: Angus Kirk Latest position: this e-petition was reported to planning among other consultation responses in relation to this application. It is a planning matter so is not taken through the council’s petitioning procedure but considered in relation to any planning application about the issue.