County councillor information

Northumberland County Council is made up of 67 elected councillors each representing an area of the county.

An overview of the cabinet of Northumberland County Council and details of how to contact your local councillor or attend a meeting.

Northumberland County Council is made up of 67 elected councillors. 

Each councillor represents constituents within an area of Northumberland. They all meet as a full council responsible for setting the budget and the council's policy framework. Councillors also sit on a range of committees.

Cabinet and Business Chair portfolios

The council's Cabinet and Business Chairs have a range of responsibilities, covering a number of portfolio areas. Please use the links below to find out their names, contact details and responsibilities:
The cabinet is made up of elected councillors nominated by the leader of the council. This comprises portfolio holders, who hold specific responsibilities. At the Full Council meeting on 26 May 2021 the following appointements were made.

Below are details of the current cabinet. Find their contact details and responsibilities by clicking on their name  
The business chair, the civic head, and the deputy civic head, were annonunced at the full council meeting on 26 May 2021. 
Each year a basic allowance is paid to each councillor.

In addition to this, a special responsibility allowance (SRA) is paid to a number of councillors, including the following, to reflect their special responsibilities over and above their role as a ward councillor:
  • cabinet members including the leader and deputy leader of the council
  • business chair and deputy business chair
  • chairs and vice chairs of the overview and scrutiny committees
  • chairs and vice chairs of other certain committees, including planning, licensing and others
  • opposition party leaders and party secretaries.
Allowances are set by an independent remuneration panel. All the numbers produced are gross figures with allowances being subject to tax.

The members' allowance scheme can be seen here.

You can see the details of expenses and allowances for each year from 2008 are in the documents below.

The member’s code of conduct is part of the county council constitution. To view the members' code of conduct, click here.

If you make a complaint, it must be about why you think a member has not followed their code. To assist you, we have also prepared an indicative flowchart that sets out how the process works for handling complaints about elected members. 

Recent decisions

Current County Councillor Vacancies

Further information on becoming a councillor can be found here 

Click here to find out more about the upcoming elections

Any queries should be directed to:-

Elections Office
County Hall
NE61 2EF
Tel: 01670 624811


Details on how the members spend their annual budget for local projects.

Each county councillor has an annual £15,000 budget for schemes they can use for local projects in their area.

Progress reports are published bimonthly on the agendas of Local Area Council meetings. An annual report is published once a year.

The latest versions for 2021-22 (as at 1 July 2021) are as follows: Details of previous years can be found here: