Support for carers

A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a family member or friend who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction, cannot cope without their support. 

This section provides information to carers of adults about the support available in Northumberland.

Are you a carer?
You are a carer if you provide unpaid help to someone who depends upon you because of: 

  • frailty 
  • mental or physical health problems 
  • illness or drug/alcohol misuse 
You may not live in the same house, and you don’t have to be related to the person you care for.  
What support is there for carers in Northumberland? 
Support for carers is available through the care management service and Carers Northumberland. To access this service, contact us on 01670 536 400 or contact the care manager of the person you care for, or call Carers Northumberland on 01670 320 025. 
What help can I get if I am caring and working? 
Combining paid work and caring can be difficult, and there is a growing recognition of the support needs of working carers. Taking on caring should not mean you have to give up work. A carer’s assessment should take into account a carer's wish to work.  
What is a Carer’s Assessment? 
A carer’s assessment is a detailed discussion with a trained member of staff, which will produce a statement of what your needs are, what you can do to reduce them or prevent them from getting worse. If caring is having a significant impact on your wellbeing, the assessment may suggest you are entitled to support.
A carer's assessment is your opportunity to tell social care about what could make caring easier for you. You can discuss help you need to maintain your own health and to balance caring with other aspects of your life, like work and family. 

If the person who you are providing care and support to is having a needs assessment themselves, you will need to be involved in this assessment.
We recommend you also have a carer’s assessment. We can then make sure you have the help and information you need to look after your own health and wellbeing, and ensure we take account of your needs when planning how to meet theirs. 
You don't have to be providing a lot of care to be entitled to help. You can have a carer’s assessment even if the person you care for hasn't had an assessment themselves.
Alternatively, if you and the person you care for prefer, we can assess both your needs at the same time. This is known as a combined assessment. 
You also have a right to an assessment if: 
  • You intend to look after someone. 
  • You are caring for a disabled child (your needs as a carer will be considered as part of the needs of your child). 
The services that might be provided to carers include: 
  • Substitute care to enable you to have a break from your caring role. 
  • Support with particular tasks or equipment to help you care. 
  • Advice and support in your role as a carer. 
  • Benefits information and advice. 
You can find more information about what a carer’s assessment will involve in our Adult Social Care Information Sheet section here. 
If you have had an assessment but either your needs or the needs of the person you care for have changed, you should contact the care manager again to request a review. 
You can request a carer’s assessment by contacting Onecall on 01670 536400 or email: 
You can also contact the care manager of the person you care for. 
If you are aged under 18, please click here to find out about the support available for young carers in Northumberland.
You don’t have to have a carer’s assessment to get advice about available support. The countywide organisation Carers Northumberland, a charity partly funded by the council, can provide advice and support with a wide range of issues. It can also put you in touch with other people in a similar situation. 
Carers Northumberland can also talk to you about whether having a carer’s assessment would be helpful to you. 


Carers Northumberland 

Carers Northumberland is a support service for carers in Northumberland. It works in partnership with other agencies to offer a one-stop information service to carers, support groups, short break opportunities and events. 

Support for people who are affected by a loved one’s drugs and alcohol use

ESCAPE Family Support provide support across Northumberland for people who are affected by a loved one’s drugs and alcohol use.
ESCAPE offers a range of activities and trauma informed services to achieve improved psychological, physical and mental wellbeing. These include courses, health & wellbeing workshops and activities, both face-to-face and online.
To find out more visit:
You can contact ESCAPE via their 24/7 helpline: 07702 833 944
Or via the contact details below:
The Susan Kennedy Centre
South View
NE63 0SF
Tel: 01670 544055


Online support for carers 

Mobilise is a free service available to Northumberland residents, run by carers for carers.
They offer: 
  • Regular e-support packages with information, practical advice, and entertainment 
  • Virtual cuppas for anybody needing some social contact 
  • One-to-one coaching support for anybody with a knotty problem they’d like to work out. 
To find out more or sign-up visit:

Who can access the Mobilise service? 
Any unpaid carer in Northumberland. 
Do I have to pay for Mobilise? 
No, the service is entirely free for residents of Northumberland and you can use as much or as little as you want. 
What services can Mobilise provide? 
Mobilise offers: 
  • Regular email support packages with information, practical advice and entertainment 
  • Virtual cuppas for anybody needing some social contact 
  • One-to-one coaching support for anybody with a knotty problem they’d like to work out. 
Who are “Mobilise”? 
Mobilise describe themselves as “for carers by carers”. The Mobilise team have personal experience in looking after a friend, family member or neighbour. They believe that drawing on their own experiences has helped them create a business which looks at caring in a unique way. 
Where can I find out more about Mobilise? 
To find out more or sign-up visit: 


Benefits information for carers

What benefits can I receive as a carer? 
There are a range of benefits, tax credits and other financial support you may be able to receive as a carer. To  find out which benefits you could be eligible for as a carer, visit or talk to us on 01670 536 400. You can also ask the care manager of the person you care for or ring Carers Northumberland on 01670 320 025. 
What is a Carer’s Allowance? 
Carer's Allowance is a benefit that may be paid to carers of working age who provide more than 35 hours of care a week. Entitlement is linked to the benefits paid to the person being cared for. However, you don't have to be related to, or live with, the person you care for.  
For full details of individual entitlement, visit

Northumberland’s Commitment to Carers Strategy 

Please click on this link to read Northumberland's Commitment to Carers Strategy 2022 - 2024
For further information, please contact Carers Northumberland or contact Onecall on: