Image demonstrating Active Northumberland forms sporting partnership with Berwick Academy  

Active Northumberland forms sporting partnership with Berwick Academy  

Active Northumberland has formed a sporting partnership with Berwick Academy and will be providing after-school activities for the students.  
This new initiative is part of the schools' health and wellbeing agenda and is creating new opportunities to participate in sport so that pupils can reap the mental and physical benefits that exercise brings.  
The Active Northumberland fitness team will be leading a range of sporting sessions which will include football, badminton, cricket, kinball, fitness, VR headsets, handball and uni-hoc. 
The activities have been chosen through a school supported Pupil Voice, to encourage those who are not engaged in sport to get involved.  
Mark Warnes Chief Executive of Active Northumberland said:  
“Engaging young people in sport brings with it the benefits of fitness, friendships and fun and can set them on the right track for an active and healthy life.  
“We have worked closely with Berwick Academy for some time, and this new initiative further strengthens our links with the Academy and its pupils.”  
Active Northumberland’s fitness team will be providing eight hours of after-school coaching each week for 23 weeks, totalling 184 hours of extra activity for the students.  
In addition, Active Northumberland have offered the school the use of Berwick Sports Centre sports hall and cycling studio, utilising the virtual classes for two hours a week over a 23-week period.  
The Academy was successful in a bid for funding from the Opening Schools Facility Fund to improve sporting provision for both pupils and the local community. Some of this funding is helping to pay for this new sporting programme.  
Steve Wilkinson, Head of PE (Physical Education) at Berwick Academy added:   
“Whilst an element of the initiative is about improving sporting ability, so much more of it is about helping our pupils to develop confidence, teamwork, friendship and social skills".  
“We have a great deal of pupils who are already engaged in sport, but our key aim is to encourage a wider base of pupils to join in and reap the many benefits. There are a wide range of activities on offer to appeal to their varied needs."  
“Some of our 6th form pupils are also employed in the evenings by Active Northumberland, so this is fantastic opportunity to further develop their leadership potential whilst also supporting our younger cohorts to be more active. " 
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