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New permit scheme to reduce roadworks disruption

A new Government permit scheme aimed at reducing road disruption for travellers by better coordinating roadworks has gone live.
The council understands that street and road works are a major cause of delay, disruption and sometimes frustration for road users - as well as creating a potential knock-on effect for the wider economy.
However with more than 5,000km of roads in the county, the chances are there will always be some roadworks happening.
Now a new permit scheme will allow the council to better coordinate all works to further reduce disruption. It will be done by requiring all companies to seek permission before starting works, which will be subject to a set of national conditions. 
This is a major change from the previous practice where companies were merely required to submit notice of their intentions.
Utility companies will cover the costs associated with the processing of their permits, and this will be on a cost neutral basis.
The council will also regularly review the scheme to ensure it’s run in line with national guidance. 
Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services, explained: “This is a system that we have wanted to introduce for some time because it will bring important benefits. 
“We know how frustrating roadworks can be but this will allow us to coordinate schemes much better, limiting the amount of works going on at one time to minimise disruption to the travelling public - whether that’s on foot, bike, car, van or public transport.
“It will also mean we’re able to share more accurate information with the public on what’s planned and how long the works will last.
“And for the companies who are doing the works, this coordinated system will encourage them to work more collaboratively when planning and implementing their schemes.”
More details on the scheme are available on the council website via  https://www.northumberland.gov.uk/Highways/Roads/Roadworks.aspx 
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