Roadworks, closures & diversions

Here you will find information about roadworks, road closures and diversions in Northumberland.

Find out live information on where roads are closed or diverted.

Northumberland County Council now publishes information to You can find out where there will be temporary traffic management, and information about works being carried out around the county.

Search for a location or zoom in on an area on the map to find more detailed information, including proposed diversions. More detail about the works will be shown, including the dates along with the responsible party. If you need further details about any of the works that appear on the live system, please call 0345 600 6400.

Sudden and/or unplanned emergency road closures due to bad weather (snow, ice, flooding etc.) are displayed on our alerts and reminders page and on our homepage.

The cost for applying for the road closure notice is currently £1,200, which must be paid by the person requesting the notice. It is their responsibility to organise and pay for required traffic management. As there is a legal process to be undertaken, at least six weeks’ notice of closure is required.
Emergency closures are at a cost of £500


A request for a temporary traffic regulation order should be submitted to the Northumberland County Council streetworks team using the documentation below.

You can email or fax the application using the details below:


  • Fax: 01670 625560





If you are organising a public event you can notify the Council by completing an Event Notification Form.  Due to the large numbers of people who may attend events such as fêtes, sporting events, carnivals, etc the safety of the public and the environment is at risk if they’re not managed properly.


Northumberland County Council and partners (including Northumbria Police, North East Ambulance Service and Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service) are members of the Northumberland Safety Advisory Group (SAG).  Safety advisory group representatives consider event proposals and help assess the risks to the general public.


By completing this form, an assessment can be carried out to identify if a SAG would be appropriate and to identify if any licences or consents may be legally required to enable the event to take place.

For more information on the Safety Advisory, organising events and to download the Event Notification Form click here 

Completed Event Notification Forms are to be sent to


Road Closures for Events


If you require a road closure to enable your event to take place, a legal order is required to close the road. The following table provides information on the type of order applied and any associated charge;


Description of event

Legal Order


Public processions, rejoicings or illuminations

Town and Police Clauses Act 1847 - Section 21

Free of charge

Sporting event, social event or entertainment which is held on the highway


Advertised once in the local press to alert road users

For events with minimal disruption to road users - this will not be advertised in press and is at the discretion of Northumberland County Council

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 - Section 16A


(admin fee)

An event which takes place off the highway but a closure or restriction/prohibition is required on the highway in connection with the event


As part of the legal process for the order this is advertised twice in the local press

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 - Section 14



If you are unsure of which order is required for your event please contact us on 01670 624143 or email us at


If you require a road closure, as well as completing an Event Notification Form, you will need to complete a Road Closure Application;

  • Application can be downloaded here
  • Guidelines for the application can be found here
Please submit this application along with your Event Notification Form.

Please note that a minimum of 6 weeks notice is required for all closure applications.
Also please note that it is the responsibility of the event organiser to contact either their chosen traffic management company or the respective Northumberland County Council traffic management ofiicer in order to arrange traffic management for a road closure.

Northumberland County Councils Traffic Management Officers are as follows;
North/South East - Kevin Scott
West/Central - Andy Murgatroyd

Northumberland County Council is currently undertaking a consultation in relation to the planned implementation of a permit scheme to manage street and roadworks on its highway network.
Most of our residents use our highway network on a daily basis, through activities such as driving to work, walking to school, accessing local services and cycling around our beautiful countryside. This network is over 5,200 km long and valued at over £5.8 billion and we want this extensive asset to support our corporate commitments in ensuring that everyone can: 
  • feel safe, valued, and part of their community 
  •  live in distinctive vibrant places, which they value and in which they feel proud 
  • easily get to work, to learning, and to the various facilities and services they want to use
Street and roadworks carried out by works promoters (including work by utility companies, developers and maintenance work by the local authority) can cause significant disruption. Currently, there is a system in place whereby works promoters give notice to the local authority to carry out their works on the highway.
Under the proposed permit scheme, works promoters will have to book time on the highway network by applying for a permit prior to carrying out any works. Similar schemes are also being consulted on by ten other North East authorities.  North Tyneside is the only Highways Authority in the North East that currently operates a permit scheme. A permit scheme will allow the local authority to effectively manage and coordinate essential street and roadworks.
The permit scheme will aim to:
  • reduce occupation of the highway for both street and highway works in order to minimise disruption to the travelling public
  • improve compliance with the relevant codes of practice and conditions
  • ensure accurate information is available to the public through improved quality of information received from all works promoters
  • ensure all works promoters are treated fairly and with parity
  • encourage collaborative working between all works promoters

Further information on the proposed permit scheme will be made available as the consultation progresses. 

In addition, national statutory guidance for all permit schemes in England can be found on GOV.UK.

If you have any queries, please click here to email the Streetworks team 
  • If you have any problems or enquiries regarding streetworks or delays on the roads, then telephone us on 0345 6006400.