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Changes to temporary traffic arrangements in Hexham

From this Saturday (29 August) there will be a change to the temporary traffic arrangements in Hexham town centre.

Following monitoring and feedback, it has been agreed that the Market Place will be closed to vehicles only on days where there is a farmers market or other event and not every Saturday.

This has been agreed because whilst the closure has been seen to work particularly well in providing more space for pedestrians and shoppers on farmers market days, there does not appear to have been so much demand for extra social distancing space on other Saturdays.

The one way system down Beaumont Street through the Market Place and down Market Street will remain in force at all times, with Hallstile Bank also remaining closed to all vehicles other than access for residents and business owners.

The temporary traffic measures in the town have been introduced to improve conditions for pedestrians and shoppers - providing more space to allow people to visit safely and adhere to Covid-19 restrictions.  The council also wishes to support the recovery of the town centre after the easing of lockdown.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services, said:   “We have kept these temporary measures closely under review and are making these refinements in response to this.

“It has been found that on the Saturdays when the farmers market is not in operation the , pedestrian movements have been lower, and therefore there is less benefit to the closure of the Market Place. 

“We will therefore only be implementing the closure of the Market Place on the days of the farmers market and other special events in the town.

“Ensuring people’s safety will always be our top priority and the measures we have put in place are helping reduce the risk of virus transmission by creating more space for pedestrians to socially distance, making it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle in the town centre, and giving people the confidence to visit and support local businesses.

“I would like to thank people for their cooperation in relation to the temporary arrangements that have been put in  place.”

Cabinet Member and Hexham County Councillor Cath Homer added: “These town centre changes were always intended to be only temporary measures. It's good to see the Farmers’ Market thriving but we recognise that the measures have not been needed as much on other Saturdays. We said we would listen and make any changes we thought necessary, and we have . We will continue to do that going forward.”

Cllr Trevor Cessford, ward member for the centre of Hexham, said: "We said at the very beginning that if we felt we needed to make any adjustments following our observations, and listening to others, then we would. We will continue to monitor the scheme for as long as necessary."

Mayor of Hexham Bob Hull commented: “We are pleased that the county council has been responsive to the need to make adjustments to the arrangements in light of experience to date. The town council will continue to work with NCC to ensure the temporary arrangements are only in place as long as necessary.”

Hexham Market Place will be closed to traffic on Saturdays when there are farmers markets  or other events from 9am to 5pm.  Forthcoming dates for Hexham Farmers Market are 12th September and 26 September.

The one-way system from Beaumont Street past the Abbey and down Market Street will remain in force at all times.
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