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Further consultation on West Woodburn school

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Northumberland County Council’s cabinet has agreed to carry out further consultation on the future of West Woodburn First School.

The council recently undertook statutory consultation on whether to extend the age range of the school so that it would become a primary from September 2020.

The statutory consultation was carried out at the request of the Governing Body of the River Rede Federation.

Feedback during consultation on schools in the west in 2018 had indicated that the preference at that time was for the school to remain open.  

However this most recent consultation has been less conclusive.  Parents with children currently on roll have been supportive, however these number only three children.  A larger number of parents and members of the community have not been supportive of the proposal.

The council’s cabinet has agreed to reject the proposal and to approve a further four-week informal consultation on alternative options, including whether the school should stay open or close.

Key considerations are the implications on pupils, parents, staff and local community; the number of pupils on the roll now, and expected to be in the future; and the statutory guidance which the council must have regard to.

Cath McEvoy-Carr, executive director of adult social care and children’s services at Northumberland County Council said:  “The council’s overriding commitment in all decisions is to ensure the highest quality education for all children in Northumberland.

“Following the inconclusive outcome from the statutory consultation the cabinet agreed that it is important to explore further options, including the possibility of closure.

“We are keen to hear the views of everyone with an interest in the school, but particularly those of parents with pre-school children - those whose children would prospectively attend the school in the future.”

The informal consultation will run for four weeks, excluding school holidays.  It will start on Wednesday 4 December and run until Wednesday 15 January. 

An event for parents, members of the community and any other interested parties to drop in to school for more information will be held on Thursday 9 January 2020 from 7pm to 8pm.  You can find more information and how to take part in the consultation on the councils website here.

The results of the consultation will go back to the council’s cabinet for a decision on whether or not to move to statutory consultation on the closure of the school.

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