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Here you will find consultation on proposed school partnerships, plans for academies and other changes to schools organisation.

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For full details of the consultation proposals for education in West Northumberland see the section below.  You can then provide your feedback on this feedback form.
Following Cabinet approval in July 2018 to create a sustainable education system in the west of the county, and as substantial capital investment is required to address considerable backlog maintenance issues, significant work has been undertaken to identify options for new school buildings incorporating the co-location of Hadrian Learning Trust schools (Queen Elizabeth High School and Hexham Middle School) on a suitable site in Hexham.
The documents below are the Outline Business Case (including appendices) for the replacement school buildings for Hadrian Learning Trust.

FINAL Outline Business Case - Replacement School Buildings for HLT schools
Conservation Comments - The Hydro Building, Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham
Planning - Letter to NCC Education - Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham


Appendix 1A-Outcomes of Statutory Consultation on Proposals for Education in the West of Nthnd
Appendix 1B - Hadrian Learning Trust Outcomes of Consultation 2 - 29 March 2018
Appendix 1C - Pupil Catchment Data – QEHS
Appendix 1D - Pupil Catchment Data – HMS
Appendix 1E - Schedule of Accommodation
Appendix 2A - Procurement Report
Appendix 2B - Procurement Programme
Appendix 4A - HLT Education Brief
Appendix 4B - Desktop Study
Appendix 4C - Geophysical Survey
Appendix 4D - Ground Investigation Report
Appendix 4E - Hydro Measured Survey
Appendix 4F - Arboriculture Survey
Appendix 4G - Flood Risk Assessment
Appendix 4H - Topographical Survey
Appendix 4I - Utilities Survey
Appendix 4J - Third Party Users
Appendix 4K - Transport Assessment and Travel Plan
Appendix 4L - Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Appendix 6A - Risk Register
The Department for Education has confirmed its intention to introduce a National Funding Formula for Schools with effect from 2020/21 so that all schools will have funding set according to the same allocation mechanism. For 2018/19 & 2019/20 local authorities retain some discretion Northumberland County Council is consuting on how it should introduce the NFF. Please see the link for the consultation document and details as to how to access further information.
The consultation period has now closed and feedback received will be reviewed and reported on in due course. 
The consultation period has now closed and feedback received will be reviewed and reported on in due course. 

On 11 March 2019, the Council was informed that it had been successful in moving to the next stage of the bid to establish a Special Educational Needs Free School in Blyth.  Cabinet has now given their approval on Tuesday 9 April 2019 for the Local Authority to accept the conditions relating to the next stage of the bid.

You can access a copy of the Cabinet Report , Letter from the DFE and Northumberland's Specification document regarding the proposal to open a free school:

The Council has received a request from the Governing Bodies of Whitley Memorial C of E First School and Bedlington West End First School to carry out consultation on a proposal to extend the age ranges of these schools to become primary schools with effect from 1 September 2020.  

Consultation is open from 23 April 2019 until 12 June 2019.
We are asking for your views on the proposal and whether you have any alternative proposals or suggestions that could be considered.

You can access the Consultation Document here.

Please complete the electronic questionnaire here
or download the consultation document and complete the questionnaire at the back of the document.