School consultations

Here you will find consultation on proposed school partnerships, plans for academies and other changes to schools organisation.

For full details of the consultation proposals for education in Northumberland see the sections below:

Northumberland County Council has committed £25.5m towards the replacement and refurbishment of school buildings in the Coquet Partnership. However, before carrying out this work to schools, the Council needs to know that it is investing in a school structure that will deliver consistently good outcomes for all children and young people, and that it is sustainable for the current and future generations to come.

Over the last few months, Council officers have been talking to Headteachers and school Chairs of Governors to gain their views on the current educational structure in Coquet.  While there were some varying responses, the school leaders all agreed that it is now the right time for the views of everyone with an interest in education in Coquet to be captured.  The schools have therefore asked the Council to carry out a wider consultation with parents, staff, governors, pupils and the wider public. 

This consultation document sets out the key issues faced by schools in the partnership and asks for your views on whether the current structure or the proposed primary/secondary school structure would deliver a good and sustainable school system in the Coquet area. We are also asking if you have any alternative suggestions that you think could be a viable option for delivering these aims. 

Whether you are a member of staff in a Coquet school, a parent of school-age children, a local resident, or anyone with an interest in education in the area, I hope that you will take this opportunity to submit your views and help to shape the future of schools in the Coquet Partnership. 

Link to Consultation Document about School Structures in the Coquet Partnership
Link to Coquet Consultation Survey

The Council's Cabinet met on Tuesday 8 March 2022 to consider the following proposals for Atkinson House School, Seghill Northumberland;

  1. Increase its planned pupil numbers from 80 to 100
  2. Extend the provision to include girls
  3. Relocate the school to the formed building of Richard Coates CE Primary in Ponteland, Northumberland

All the above with effect from 1 September 2022.

Cabinet approved the above proposals for the following reasons:
1)  The educational rationale of the proposal to increase SEMH places in Northumberland to meet the growing need for both boys and girls is sound.
2)  The proposed building in Ponteland is an appropriate location for Atkinson House, being a former school.
3)  The staff and Governing Body of Atkinson House School are fully supportive of the rationale and the proposal.
4)  The funding for the necessary suitability works to the proposed building is in place.
5)  Cabinet recognises and has considered the safeguarding concerns raised during consultation by Pele Trust, parents at the neighbouring provision and residents.  Therefore, it is an expectation that NCC officers will work with neighbouring schools to ensure that the proposed safeguarding measures to the building are made in collaboration and agreed before putting in place.  There is also an expectation that Atkinson House School will plan for an effective transition of its students, again working collaboratively on an ongoing basis with its neighbours to ensure that these concerns are allayed.
6)  In the light of point 5), Cabinet will a require an update on how the transition and operation of the school has worked within 12 months of implementation.