Image demonstrating Fighting Fly tipping in Cramlington

Fighting Fly tipping in Cramlington

The fight against fly tipping in the county is continuing, and this month the focus has been on a waste dumping hotspot in Cramlington.

A secure fence has recently been erected around a privately owned car park to the rear of shops on Klondyke in Cramlington which has been a magnet for fly tipping for a number of years.

Due to the location and seclusion of the car park people have found it easy to pull into the car park during the quieter hours, reverse up to the car park boundary,  open their boot and fly tip without being seen.

Northumberland County Council’s neighbourhood services team has been called to clear rubbish from this area of land on a regular basis and each time must incur the cost of doing so.

The authority recently approached the local landowner and Cramlington Town Council to see if they would pay for a boundary fence to stop vehicle access and act as a deterrent,  and they agreed to do so.

Prior to the fence being erected a covert camera was installed on the site which identified a local fly tipper who was issued with a £400 fixed penalty.

Northumberland County Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services said:  “ Fly tipping is illegal and a serious environmental crime. The council has a zero tolerance approach towards perpetrators and will prosecute offenders to make sure they pay for their crimes.”

“ Thanks to the support of the landowner and town council, this particular problem area has been resolved.”

Last year the council received a massive 2,511 reports of fly tipping.

“ With the dark evenings soon to be upon us, the number of fly-tipping incidents taking place in the county is  expected to rise. We urge the public to help us in our fight against fly tipping and report any sightings to us immediately. The quicker cases are reported, the more chance there is of catching the culprits.” Councillor Sanderson added.

You can report any flytipping online at  or by ringing the Environment Agency on 03708 506506
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