Views sought on proposed changes to Blyth parish boundary

The electoral arrangements of Blyth Town Council  are currently being examined with a view to reviewing its administrative boundary with Seaton Valley Parish Council.

Blyth Town Council has requested that changes be made to its boundary with Seaton Valley Parish Council.  

The effect of the boundary change would to transfer:-
  • an area of land (A), shown hatched red on the attached map from Blyth Town into Seaton Valley Parish.
  • a small triangular area of land (B), shown hatched green on the attached map,  from Seaton Valley Parish into Blyth Town.

A map of the proposed boundary changes can be seen here

Blyth Town Council states that the area of land (B) is attached to a larger area in Blyth where house building is currently being developed.  It is possible that some houses may be built in this area which is currently in Seaton Valley Parish with the remainder of the houses being in Newsham.  Blyth Town Council feels that there are obvious implications for maintenance of open spaces, representation, and differences in Council Tax.

It also suggests that the area of land (A) between the existing boundary and the A1061 should be transferred from Blyth Town into Seaton Valley Parish.

Northumberland County Council has the powers to conduct community governance reviews which can involve creating new, or amalgamating parishes and amending electoral arrangements.  The Town Council has asked the authority to carry out such a review.

The County Council is now consulting with local electors and other stakeholders in the area about the proposals.  A report will be sent to the Council in January advising of the outcome and, if an Order is made, then the changes will come into force with effect from the next local elections  in May 2021.

If you would like to make your views known, they should be submitted, in writing, by  9 October  2017 to :-
Lesley Bennett
Senior Democratic Services Officer,
Democratic Services,
Northumberland County Council,
County Hall,
NE61 2EF

OR  E-mail  -
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