Morpeth tree planting means a greener future for the town

Work is underway on a new scheme in Morpeth that will see hundreds of new trees planted over the coming months.

The Northumberland County Council initiative will involve a total over 330 new trees being planted at Deuchar Park and Stobhill over the next nine months, significantly increasing the number of trees in the town.

While native woodland tree species will form the majority of the planting, including flowering Cherry, Rowan, Birch and Oak, a range of up to 16 exotic tree species will extend and diversify the existing arboretum at Deuchar Farquar Park.

Councillor Ian Swithenbank, Cabinet Member for Local Services, said: “The tree planting scheme forms part of our management strategy for our trees and woodlands. When we remove trees we always seek to replant twice that number.

“It also addresses the Forestry Commission’s requirement for replanting in response to the recent felling of 90 trees at the County Hall site to make way for the new Morpeth First School.

“Although we remain of the view this tree felling was covered by rules that exempt open space from the need for a felling licence, we accept that the Forestry Commission do not share this interpretation and are not contesting their replanting requirements.

“We are happy to bring forward plans to improve the tree cover in this area of the town and will be planting more than three times the amount we removed.”

Earlier this month planning permission was minded to be approved for Morpeth First School to move onto the County Hall site - providing the authority for the removal of the trees which were necessary for the school to be built.    
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