Don't forget to post your postal vote

With just a few days to go until the UK Parliamentary General Election, postal voters are being  urged  to return their ballot papers.

Northumberland County Council elections manager, Will Booth said:

“ We all lead busy lives and it is easy  to put your vote to one side and forget to return it. If you are voting by post, please post your vote back to us as soon as you can.

“ There are around 55,000 postal voters across the county and around 90 per cent of these will use their vote. Each pack returned goes through a vigorous checking process to ensure the system is absolutely secure. Prompt return is an enormous help to our election team who check each returned postal ballot pack separately.”

If you do think you might have left it too late, and your vote won't arrive in time if you post it, don’t panic. You  can take your postal vote to a  polling station in the constituency in which you live,  on the day of the election, right up until the time when polling closes at 10pm. Please treat this as a last resort.

If you have registered to vote by post and have not yet  received your postal vote  you should immediately contact  Northumberland County Council’s election team  on 01670 624811 or email
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