Speed limit to be reduced on Bedlington estates

The speed limit is to be reduced around a residential area in Bedlington that has been plagued by speeding motorists for a number of years.

Motorists driving on Church Lane and the Millfield and Hotspur Estates that lead off it,  will soon be  restricted to a maximum speed of 20mph.

The new speed limit  is being  introduced following concerns raised by residents. With the new Acres housing estate reaching completion, the number of children living in the area and the volume of traffic will increase  which will exacerbate the problem further.

Northumberland County Councillor and local ward member  Alyson  Wallace has been working  with Northumberland County Council to introduce the  20mph speed limit.

She said: “Speeding in the area is getting progressively worse and residents have become increasingly concerned, and justifiably so.

“ There are a lot of children living on these estates who walk the streets to go to school and play with friends.  The area has been  a speeding hotspot and an accident waiting to happen.

“ By reducing the speed of vehicles we will  greatly reduce the risk and severity of any potential accidents and make it a safer place for everyone.”

New signage will be introduced advising motorists that they are entering a 20mph limit. Repeater signs will be introduced at intervals  to remind motorists of the reduced speed limit. Councillor  Wallace has contributed to the funding of this scheme by using her Members Local Improvement Scheme Allowance.

It is expected the new restrictions will come into force before the end of March.
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