Image demonstrating Beware selling pets online as lurcher found roaming streets

Beware selling pets online as lurcher found roaming streets

Northumberland County Council’s animal welfare team is issuing a caution about selling pets online after picking up a stray dog, recently sold on Gumtree, that had been roaming the streets for over a week.

The lurcher dog had been sold  in good faith a month ago through the online advert site Gumtree however the new owner changed their mind about the purchase and turned the dog out on the streets.

The two year old female dog was microchipped so the council was able to trace the  previous owners who were not in a position to have her back. She is now being cared for by the animal welfare team and will undergo a period of rehabilitation to regain condition and confidence.  She has also been checked over by a vet who has given her a clean bill of health, other than a few small cuts and scrapes.

Gemma Fowle, animal welfare officer said:

“ We received reports that a dog had been roaming the streets and we had been trying for over a week to locate her and bring her to safety.

“ She was initially in the Bedlington area but made her way over a period of days down the railway track to Newsham and then on to the Blyth Golf Club area.  We have been working with a small group of volunteers who have been trying to help us locate the dog by tracking her movements.

“Last night we had reports that she was by the golf club. We set out at 8.30 pm and managed to catch her just after midnight.  It was a long night but we couldn’t possibly leave her out over Christmas. She was cold, very timid and hungry and obviously traumatised by her ordeal but is now in the very best of hands. The good news is that we have already had interest from several people known to us who have offered her a good home.

“ I would urge caution to anyone selling pets on Facebook or Gumtree and ask them to make very careful checks, including a home check,  so they are as confident as they can be that their pet will end up in a good home.”  

Northumberland County Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and
local services said:

“ Please think very carefully before you take on any animal. They take time, money, and commitment.  If you have a pet and you are really unable to care for it then  please contact your local animal rescue shelter for help in rehoming it. "
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