Image demonstrating Extra parking secured for Berwick

Extra parking secured for Berwick

Northumberland County Council has solved a local parking issue in Berwick.

The former car park at Hatters Lane has been opened to allow local residents, businesses and tourists to benefit from additional car parking close to nearby shops and services and to meet with the demand for additional spaces in the centre of town.

The land owned by Arch is part of the recently completed Walkergate development and has been leased to the County Council to provide a parking solution. The council’s highways team has completed construction work to make the car park suitable for use.

The Hatters Lane car park is now open for use and provides an extra 24 long term car parking spaces to support demand for additional spaces in the town centre of Berwick.

The car park, directly opposite Arch’s Berwick Workspace and next door to the completed Walkergate building, will also free up some of the other parking in the area.

Councillor Richard Wearmouth, Chair of Arch, said: “This has provided a winning solution for local residents and visitors to Berwick, helping to address a need for additional car parking in the busy town centre. We are pleased to be able to respond to community wishes.”

Councillor Catherine Seymour for Berwick North added: “I am pleased that the request to open this empty space for parking has been acted on. It’s great news that we’re able to provide extra car parking in the town, especially during the peak tourism season.

“Finding extra car parking provision in our towns can often be a challenge and I’m sure these new spaces, combined with our plans to use the former coach park in Chapel Street, will be welcomed.”
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