Ponteland neighbourhood plan reaching final stages

A final draft Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan setting out planning policies for the area has now been submitted to the County Council.

It sets out what development Ponteland Town Council would like to see in the civil parish of Ponteland, which makes up the Ponteland Neighbourhood Area.

A six week period of publicity about the Plan starts on Friday 21 April and runs until Monday 5 June before the plan is assessed by an independent examiner who will publish a report on the plan later this year.

The county council is now inviting people with an interest in the area to make final comments on the plan during the six week publicity period. Comments made at this stage will be considered by the independent examiner who will recommend whether any further changes should be made to the Plan to ensure it meets legal requirements.

If the Plan passes independent examination it will be put to a local referendum where people living in the Ponteland Neighbourhood Area can vote on whether the Plan should be used by the county council when it makes decisions on planning applications.

Neighbourhood planning is intended to give local people a direct say over the location and design of future development in their local area.

Local people have been involved in the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan project since the designation of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Area in June 2013 and they have helped guide and shape the policies in the draft plan.

A steering group was formed by the Town Council to help guide preparation of the Plan.  Engagement with a wide section of the local community, land owners and developers has led to the creation of a draft Plan which addresses important issues raised by many local people concerning the built and natural environment, local economy, housing, community wellbeing, flooding and transport.  

The steering group has been supported by planning officers from the county council who have helped by providing technical and practical support to ensure that the Plan is presented in a way that best reflects the communities’ expectations and meets legal requirements.  

Local residents, businesses and other interested parties will be able to make comments on the final draft plan between Friday 21 April and 4pm on Monday 5 June 2017.

The plan and accompanying documents can be viewed on the county council’s website from Friday, April 21 at www.northumberland.gov.uk/ourplan  

They will also be available at:
  • Ponteland Library (situated in Ponteland Leisure Centre), Callerton Lane, Ponteland, NE20 9EG (Monday to Friday 7am – 10pm, Saturday 8am – 6pm, Sunday 9am – 8pm); and
  • Northumberland County Council, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF (Monday – Thursday, 9am – 5pm, Friday 9am – 4:30pm).

Written representations can be made by email to NeighbourhoodPlanning@northumberland.gov.uk or by post to: Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan, Neighbourhood Planning & Infrastructure Team, Planning Services, Northumberland County Council, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF.

All comments and feedback must be received by Northumberland County Council no later than 4pm on Monday 5 June 2017. All information will be made publicly available and be forwarded for consideration by the independent examiner appointed to examine the draft Plan.
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