New affordable housing for Shilbottle

Local residents  have recently  moved into a new affordable housing development in Shilbottle  which has been funded and developed by Northumberland County Council.
The new scheme has provided 20 affordable homes for local people.  Louise and Lee Stanfield and their daughter Megan  have lived in Shilbottle  for  seven  years and were one of the first to be handed keys to their new three bedroomed home.
The family had previously  been living in private rented accommodation in the village but the owner wanted to sell the property so they had to vacate it at short notice.
They applied to rent  one of the new properties through the county’s Homefinder register and were delighted to find out their application had been successful.
Louise who is originally from Swarland just a few miles down the road  said: “When we had to vacate the house we had been living in,  we were really keen to stay in the village. We have so many friends here and Megan attends the local  first school, so we really didn’t want to up- root her.
“It was a great relief to find out our application for a home had been successful.  We had to de-camp to a friend’s house for eight weeks while the house was being completed but we moved in last month and have settled in really well. ”
“We feel very lucky to now have a home we feel secure in. We have been very unlucky with private rents with the landlord in more than one property over the last few years either wanting the house back for themselves or wanting to sell it. Now we have a fabulous brand new home where we can finally settle and fill it full of wonderful memories. This can potentially be our forever home.”
“Our new neighbours are great. I’ve met them all and we are currently planning a street party so that we all  get to know each other a bit better.”
Northumberland County Councillor Allan Hepple, cabinet member responsible for housing said:
“The lack of affordable  housing is one of the biggest issues facing the people of Northumberland and is a particular problem in some rural communities.
“ This is a fantastic  housing scheme  and will make a real different to the lives of those who are now living there.   The properties  are of varying sizes with options for the elderly, for families and for single people which will  really add to the vibrancy of the community.”
The scheme  comprises:  4 one-bed apartments, 4 two-bed bungalows, 8 two-bed houses and 4 three-bed houses.
Northumberland County Council has  placed a strong emphasis on building new council homes and  has financed the build of around 300 properties over the last three years.
Last year the council completed 48 properties in Dandsfield Square  Amble, and this year it has completed  16 properties in  Embleton and 20 in Shilbottle creating 84 new affordable homes for rent in north Northumberland.  A further 26 bungalow development is currently being built by the council in Blyth.
The authority is continuing  to work with landowners and developers and do whatever it  can within its powers to help alleviate the county’s affordable housing  problem.
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