Local nature reserves

Many of Northumberland’s parks, woods and open spaces have gained local nature reserve status.

A site must be of importance for wildlife, geology, education or public enjoyment to qualify for local nature reserve (LNR) status.

LNRs must be controlled by the local authority through ownership, lease or agreement with the owner. The main aim must be to care for the natural features that make the site special.

The following sites have been declared as LNRs (Local Nature Reserves).

To find out more information click on the individual sites listed below:

Drone use
Launching drones from County Council land is only allowed with the consent of the Council and where a formal license agreement has been signed. The council reserves the right to refuse consent and where consent is granted will require evidence of your Civil Aviation Training Certificate and public liability insurance.

Schools and other groups may use the council’s countryside sites as a natural environment for educational activities.

For information about opportunities and resources, please contact the sites directly at the phone numbers given below: An educational activities pack has been produced for Choppington Community Woods Local Nature Reserve. The pack contains ideas and work sheets for school or youth groups who want to visit the site. The activities can also be undertaken at other nearby countryside sites.

The pack can be downloaded by clicking on the links below: