Flagstaff Park, Berwick

Flagstaff is situated near the Elizabethan Town Walls, The Barracks and near Berwick Bowling Club on Magdalene Fields Golf Course.

Berwick Upon Tweed is the most northerly town in Engand, sitting on the River Tweed only 3 miles from the Scottish Border.

As well as historic town walls, sandy beaches and picturesque views of the river and coast it is also home to Flagstaff Park. A park for all to enjoy.

For more information on getting involved in the park, click here to visit the Friends Of Castle Parks website.

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Flagstaff management plan
Click here to view the flagstaff management plan.
The park has a range of activities for the whole family to to enjoy.

Bee sculpture at Flagstaff park in Berwick
New Honey Bee sculpture installed 2023

A walk from the entrances at Pier Road, down from the Town Walls and from through the arch from the Barracks encompasses the history of the Elizabethan Walls, the beauty of the formal Rose Garden, the commemorative arches to her late majesty Queen Elizabeth and impressive views. There is also a formal play area operated by Berwick Town Council, the golf course, tennis courts and cricket match area.

There are benches and a good fairly level footpath and plenty of green space to enjoy the rose garden and wildlife. A rose hedge with the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ roses was planted to commemorate her late majesty.

‘In Your Neighbourhood ‘ success -  This year 2023 was the only second year that the park was nominated for the Royal Horticultural Society's ‘In Your Neighbourhood’ award gaining top marks celebrating the impressive horticultural designs and community involvements.

A ‘Royal’ link – The park is also known locally as ‘Coronation Park’ and commemorative arches for the late Queen Elizabeth have been placed along the Rose Garden to commemorate the Golden, Platinum and life of her late majesty.

People having a conversation under an archway inn Flagstaff park

There is also a horticultural tribute created by children in the form of a giant EIIR 70 display planted in platinum coloured bulbs in the formal circle.

A group of people planting flower bulbs in a flower bed

 A ‘Queen Beth’ avenue of apple and pear trees was planted by the ‘mini police’ leading from one of the commemorative arch to the play area in 2022.
The meaning of the term Flagstaff is a flagpole or staff for displaying a flag.

The park was once part of a ditch with the boundary of the Elizabethan walls on the west built between 1558 and 1570 and on the east the medieval fortifications commenced by Edward 1 in 1296. It is not entirely known why the area was called Flagstaff, tourist guides have suggested the existence of a flagstaff on top of Windmill Bastion an also Coxons Tower both nearby.

In 1930, the land was bought by the council from the Freeman, and by 1952 it would seem there was already a park in existence with the rose gardens being created to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.  Aerial photographs from 1948 show rifle ranges built into the flankers either side of Windmill Bastion.

The Rose Garden in Flagstaff Park was officially opened by the sheriff on June 2, 1953, and the park was described as an ‘old park being made into a new one’

The park in 1944, the trees are young saplings.
Photo above shows the park in 1944.

In more recent years Shakespearian productions have been put on by The Maltings Theatre in the town.
How to find the Flagstaff park, Berwick Upon Tweed.

The address is Flagstaff Park near Berwick Bowling Club, TD 15 1JG. The What Three Words for the park are veal.live.hungry.

Travel & Parking
The park is a short walk from Pier Road, the Wallace Green Car Park near The Barracks and can be accessed off the Elizabethan Town Walls

There is no car parking in the park, free time limited disc parking is available at Wallace Green and a few spaces near Berwick Bowling Club. There are no direct bus routes and the nearest rail station is Berwick.

For all enquiries contact Northumberland County Council.