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Our Passenger Transport Team are here for you - find out the best way to get in touch with us for your query.

The transport network team is responsible for managing the school transport application process and for ensuring travel support is put in place for eligible children, young people and vulnerable adults. They are also your first point of contact for any issues that arise in the operation of your call-off contracts. 

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We have a telephone 'hunt group' in place that enables you to contact us during office hours. The telephone number is 01670 624839You should always get in contact with us by phone if it concerns an urgent matter.  

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We have a number of generic mailboxes set up to handle correspondence, the one to contact will depend on the nature of your query:
  • is the mailbox to use for issues relating to travel arrangements we have in place for children and young people of compulsory school age who attend mainstream schools
  • is the mailbox to use if the matters you wish to raise are specifically to do with transport put in place for Post 16 students (excluding Post 16 SEN students) mainly attending further education colleges
  • is the mailbox used in relation to children of compulsory school age attending special schools
  • is the mailbox used in relation to transport arrangements in place for Post-16 (SEN) students, social care transport as well as school transport for children educated outside of mainstream education, e.g. Choysez.
  • The team also uses when undertaking procurement exercises (mini competitions).
The finance and compliance team are responsible for managing the purchase order and receipting process which enable your invoices to be paid. They also provide compliance management across all call-off contracts we have put in place with you. 
They use a couple of generic email addresses which are:

Other useful sources of information

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